The Joyful Anthology

Dressing For The Holiday’s


What will you be wearing on the holidays this year?

The holidays are a time when regardless of where you plan to spend them or what you have planned, you might want to add something special to your expression.

With dressing up we bring in the celebration of the holidays and in starting a new year.


Personally, I like to get dressed up, yet still feel comfortable and practical in my outfit.
It could be with a splash of red or sparkle of metalic, velvety or satin in texture or a fun hairstyle.


Choosing your holiday outfit could be a fun playful  process.


It might even bring out your inner child at times of excitement when you went to a birthday party or special event.




What do you feel like wearing this holiday?

Whether you resurrect something you already own or you’re feeling like splurging on something new, be inspired in what you’re wearing to manifest what you  want to invite in for the new year.



Photos  taken by Nihura Monteil

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