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My childhood memories always have associations of sugary colorful candy.. Those were really  happy memories and so I didn’t feel it fair to completely restrict my girl’s from having some sugary snacks in their earlier years.. As I became more knowledgeable with nutrition and information on the danger’s and effects of sugar, I have much more resistance to sugar.
I met Kimberly Silver, the beautiful founder of Hunny Bon Sweets soon after she launched this incredible conscious confectionary that seemed unreal and fantastical to me. Kimberly is as sweet as her candy so it’s no wonder Hunny Bon is so wonderful. Her integrity and conscious effort to making the candy as pure and organic is impressive and honorable.
I am honored to share her story with you …

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Name : Kimberly Silver

Profession: Founder of HunnyBon, Nutritional Health Counselor

Education: University of Massachusetts, University of Tel Aviv, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

How was Hunny Bon born: HunnyBon is the result of a Nutritional Health Counselor with a big, bad sweet tooth! After years of not having sweets, I used to walk by Dylan’s candy store, and always think to myself…”imagine if everything in here was organic, vegan, and healthier? It would be a dream!” Then I realized, I had to make this dream a reality. If people like me, could have a resource to indulge in all different sweets that were healthier, why wouldn’t they, as long as they were delicious. Parents could find better alternatives for the children. There’s been a big health revolution over the past 10 years. We now know where to go to find healthier groceries, and where to go to find a healthier lunch, but what about sweets? It was time to make this happen.

The meaning behind the name Hunny Bon .. Sweets are happy, fun, and cute, and I was looking for a name that conveys those feelings. My best friend growing up used to call me her “HunnyBuny”. She was French, and would joke with me about my love for “bonbons” (candy in French). One day, I realized “bonbon” also means “good-good”, and since my candy is the “good” kind, the healthier kind, it all came together.

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How and where is the candy made? We work with small manufacturers that create sweets from only organic, plant-based, and natural ingredients, using only sustainable practices. Fruit extracts like pomegranate and cherry are used to color and flavor the gummies, instead of artificial or genetically modified ingredients, and tapioca is used instead of gelatin. All the chocolate is organic, never sprayed with pesticides, and sustainably sourced from farms where the workers are paid fair wages. Our sweets are ‘conscious’ in every way, so not just health conscious, but also considerate of the environment and human rights. We make sure that everything we carry always meets our strict set of standards.

Can you tell me about your own personal transformation and why you were inspired to create conscious candy..: I always was in love with sweets, but as I started to learn about nutrition and health, I cut them out cold turkey. As I increased my own holistic health knowledge and began counseling clients, I realized that what you put in your body is just as important as your mindset, and depriving yourself does not always create a healthy mind. The key is to find better alternatives to the things you crave, and to keep it all in balance. There is room for little treats here and there, and they can be just as delicious without all the bad ingredients.

The gift of giving Hunny Bon associated with love.. We get a lot of joy and fulfillment from making the people we love happy, and surprising them with little gifts to show our love and appreciation. To be able to do this, while also caring for their health, is to truly care and love on an even deeper level.



What are some of your personal favorite sweets from Hunny Bon..My personal favorite are the “Superfruit Chews”. They are made mostly from strawberry and apple puree, with Baobab powder, so they taste like candy, but are actually very good for you. They have no added sugar at all, and are high in fiber and antioxidants…and are completely addicting. The Baobab powder is harvested by hand, from the fruit of the Baobab trees in South Africa, and this is now providing new jobs in the rural communities there, and creating a greater awareness towards protection of the local environment and nutrition in the communities themselves. As you can see, we don’t need any excuses to keep from indulging in these ones! I do have a few other favorites…chocolate covered coconut, chocolate quinoa crunch, it’s hard not to dip into the inventory.


How does holistic lifestyle fit into your life .. I believe one of the most important things in life is balance, and that can apply in many ways. Balance between work and personal life, balance among your relationships, balance between fitness, play and rest, and between the body and the mind. It is the same with eating and nutrition. A good balance is eating healthy most of the time, but having space for some indulgences.

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