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In Celebration of Consciousness with my Solar Return

With celebrating my recent birthday, I reflected on what I celebrate most with this turn of the sun. Our solar return is when the sun returns to its natal position. In astrology the Sun holds our vitality, willpower and life force, as well as what makes us unique to us. The Sun represents our major personality we “shine” into the world, consciousness, identity, what energizes us, and a large part of our life purpose and part of our reason for being on Earth.

I’m well invested in my personal growth, my process and looking at my inner shadows that create wounds and patterning that hold me back from love and freedom. The Joyful Approach is a work that reflects my experiences, my process and the knowledge I have acquired from endless seeking. I celebrate my guides, my teachers, mentors, and healers that so preciously support me through this work. Through this inner work, I’m able to work on bold shadow’s that are giving me more glimpses to freedom and are cracking my heart open. I celebrate my shadows as gifts to accessing freedom,love joy and vitality.

I celebrate self love. SELF LOVE is a great gift I’ve found to be most instrumental in truly feeling the fluid portal to my freedom, creativity, openings and result in manifesting my dreams. One tool I have become more able to practice is in checking in with myself in immediacy when I feel disconnected. I now feel less of a gap, which in the past swirled me further distant from my higher self.

“It is said that most people spend their lives regretting the past and fearing the future; therefore, they are unable to experience joy in the present.”
David R Hawkins

The Letting Go theme has a been a great theme for me, influenced by David Hawkins’ brilliant read Letting Go, Pathway to Surrender. I continue to work on this theme and am dedicated to my practice to create the space for me to have awareness in times when I feel most challenged to react. I celebrate the ability to Let Go with more ease.

I celebrate the theme of Humanness. With an opening of my heart, I can accept my own humanness as well as in other’s. I turn to the map of consciousness also by David Hawkin’s as one of my greatest tools for the understanding of the frequencies of emotions and how we can work on sitting with the feeling, being with it rather than bypassing it and then allow them to dissolve. I have witnessed potent healing through this model. I continue to work on self acceptance with the exploration of what it means to be HUMAN.

“Archetypes are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us.”
Carolyn Myss

I celebrate my deep love for connection on every level of human interaction. Immersing in the work of Carolyn Myss at a transformative retreat in Sedona, gave me the great understanding of our Archetypes and our patterns of power. We are complex beautiful beings all with unique light and shadow attributes. When we accept eachother, we can support one another and we can come together as ONE. Oneness is the theme I celebrate most.
Living in the fast pace of  NYC, I am sensitive to the frequencies and overwhelming energy. We inevitabally have the wiring to fend for ourselves and to participate in fight or flight energy which causes separateness and isolation. We have the ability to change the cycle. With a daily practice we can practice awareness and consciousness.
Whether it’s a glance in a stranger’s eye with kindness and a smile, or a brief sincere “hello how is your day?”, or a reaching out to a friend to ask how they’re doing, we all have the ability to change someone’s day. We all have the ability to contribute to equanimity. We all have the ability to do more in the world to create great positive impact.

I celebrate the deep knowing of my  Life’s Purpose to inspire positive shift through the gathering of like minded soul’s. I have so much love and gratitude for The Joyful Approach community and I thank you all for your support in all you do to create greater impact globally.

I am what I am because of who we all are” Ubuntu


If you feel you would like to collaboratively share your gifts to inspire positive impact, please reach out to us.


Photos by Christian Caroll






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