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Introducing Chandanni

I met the lovely Chandanni Miglino at my favorite daily pit stop when I’m in Venice California, Erewhon Market . I was on a hunt for an organic body lotion that would be hydrating and nourishing. Synchronistically at that  moment, I literally bumped into the beautiful Chandanni as I was turning the corner of the aisle. She was so kind to tell me about the Chandanni Naked Body Oil and why it would be better for my body than using a lotion. Ever since I’ve been using the Naked Oil (usually after my shower as my sk in is still damp), I have noticed a great difference as I typically have very dry skin as the colder months approach.

I am excited to now explore Chandanni‘s other beautiful products after researching them and how aligned they are with The Joyful Approach lifestyle.  Here is a brief Q&A to learn more about Chandanni, her beautiful line and the wonderful things she is doing to impact our world.


Can you tell us aliitle about your background..where are you from /schooling etc..

 I grew up in London, England until I was around 17 and then moved to America where I went to College. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Environmental design and Architecture. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and fell into the yoga world in 1999 where my path in consciousness and wholistic lifestyle began.



Can you tell us  about how you got started with Ayurveda? 

 I became fascinated with Ayurveda as it was the sister science to yoga and yoga had profoundly impacted my life when I was introduced to it in 1999. Everything cam full circle for me when I started to study Ayurveda with my Ayurveda Master Dr. Light Jyoti Miller. I underwent training in the Gurkula Program, which means you undergo therapies while under the supervision of an Ayurveda master as you are learning to become a practitioner.



What are some of your favorite products and why?

 My favorite products from the line are Face Grace Rose and our Face Serum The Potion. I feel like these two formulas are magical and super powerful that can serve all skin types. I designed most of the line as a tridoshic line, meaning that they are all good for all skin types and constitutions. The formula of Face Grace Rose and our Serum The Potion will nourish and heal all skin types in a very short amount of time.



How do you feel you are contributing to the world with a sustainable approach?

I feel that sustainability is a total approach. When we can heal ourselves we can heal the planet. The reason this line was born was to give people access to tools and products that can literally heal them and change their lives so that they can in turn go heal the planet in their own way.



What feels Joyful in your life now? 

 I feel a lot of joy knowing that the Fund we have created over the past couple of years is helping young adults wake up to their potential and mindfulness. We have a beautiful platform called the where we take high school students from underserved communities between the ages of 14-18 to India with us to experience mindfulness and diversity. Teenagers are my favorite humans in the whole world. They are so beautiful and full of life and potential in every way. Serving them is a true honor.


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