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Jessica Snow Meditation’s

I’d like to let you in on some  magic I’ve been experiencing. I discovered Jessica Snow meditations  a few months ago, and since then, I’ve had what feels like this little pouch of  blissful tricks I get to carry with me wherever I go.

Jessica is a meditative storyteller that evokes imagination creativity and enlightening possibilities.

I typically meditate in silence with the breath but I have found that listening to Jessica’s guided meditations as well, access different dimensions  of consciousness, creativity and relaxation.

I subscribed to Jessica’s monthly plan and have been enjoying the plethora of various meditations she so generously offers. Her voice is full of joy, hope and inspiration. Her storytelling through her meditations feel like a portal to my juicy dreamscape life. I listen to them at any time throughout my day that I feel I need to pause and relax, destress or could use a little bit of creative awakening.

Discover Jessica Snow and come along this magical ride too.

Name   Jessica Snow

 Profession  Meditation Guide + Multimedia Artist

 A little about your background, where are you from? 

I am a third generation Los Angeles native.  I grew up in Manhattan Beach, attended college in Northern California and then came back to LA because it is the west of the west.  I love it here; every time I return from a trip, when I fly in and the plane touches down I am so happy to be home.

 Background education?

I’ve always been a seeker – I always have been interested in what happens inside us – and also I am a great lover of myths and fairy tales.  As a child, my imagination was so strong it often scared me and I was so empathetic I had a hard time knowing what I wanted because I was always picking up signals from everyone around me.   As a teen I kind of put those abilities on the backburner and just showed up in the world as a ‘normal person’, albeit a very creative one.

On a whim, when I got to college I chose to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Instructional Technology which is the science of teaching large groups of people using media.  It is very funny to me that I actually use the skills from this degree in my work today – although not at all like I thought I would when I obtained it.


When did you first know that you had the gift of healing as a guide?

 After college I spent a lot of years working day jobs and searching for my true vocation.  On the side I learned a lot of different metaphysical practices and finally just started creating my own meditations and ceremonies for the Full Moon and the New Moon in my backyard.  I invited my friends and then the next time they brought their friends and it just organically grew.

Sometimes you take your own special abilities for granted, which is what I was doing with my voice, my imagination and my ability to connect to something larger.  Those nights, in a circle of women out in the backyard under the moon showed me what I really had to give and inspired me to do the things I needed to do to make it my life’s work.

 What evokes your process with the beautiful meditations you guide and orchestrate?

 I love this question.

First, logically I kind of know what is happening astrologically or with the moon or what kind of crystal or theme I want to center the meditation around.  Then I actually I actually meditate and go see my guides/visit the special places in my interior and receive the seed of each meditation.  Then I come back and write it up.  Then I record it or deliver it to a group in real life.

 What is most meaningful to you with helping other’s on their path?

 My main aim at all times is to reconnect people with their own magic.

I love when someone comes up to me after meditation or sends me an email after listening to a meditation and tells me about the breathtaking moment they had in the inner worlds I guided them through.

That is my mission, to awaken as many people as I can to the beauty, wisdom, bliss, creativity and power they already have inside them.  I am the un-locker of these things.

 Can you describe what  a group event might feel like?

 Sure.  The most popular live events I do are crystal meditations.  Each time we pick a different crystal, you receive that crystal when you arrive and find your spot in the room.  Then there is a little drumming to get everyone in the mood, and then an hour of guided meditation that matches the essence of that stone.  Then you get to take your crystal home with you as a talisman, a touchstone that is yours to continue to work with.  It’s very fun and beautiful.

Another popular kind of event is a nature meditation.  I often will do these on a solstice or equinox.  We meet at a natural location, we do a light hike up in silence to a pretty natural space, we meditate and do simple rituals and then walk back down the hill in community with each other and with nature.

I also do meditation plus sound bath.  For this event, everyone arrives and we do a little chanting and then transition to guided meditation with soft sound bath in the background and then about halfway through the guidance tapers off and you get a full sound bath followed by healing silence at the end.

What do you feel is your greatest purpose?

 My greatest purpose is to lead people into the most fantastic frontiers of their own inner worlds.  I am a guide into the interior wonderlands.  I am here to reconnect you with your own magic online and in real life.

 A little about your personal life, what is a typical day in your life like?

 A typical day in my life is a perfect example of the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary.

I have a lot of family in my life, not only my husband and 8 year-old son, but also extended family and my chosen family of friends and peers.  I think each of us is lucky in different areas of life and where I’m lucky is that I have a lot of love in my world.

A typical day begins with writing down my dreams, turning a few oracle cards, meditating (often outside) and then drinking tea and watering the plants in my garden.  From there I do ordinary life things.  I grocery shop, hang out with my son, often taking him somewhere or having some friends over and sneaking in time to work here and there.  At the end of the day everyone in our house looks forward to daddy coming home and we’ll make a little dinner and maybe talk a walk.  In the early evenings I also will work a little bit while my husband takes over the bedtime routine.  If it’s a night where I have a live event I will go do that and then usually treat myself to a nice meal afterwards because I get very excited after meditation, there is so much good energy flowing all over the place.  I love sleeping so most nights we go to bed embarrassingly early and the whole thing starts over the next day.

 What is most Joyful in your life right now?

 Right now I am SUPER INTO NATURE.  I’ve always loved nature, but I always thought of it as “out there” – something you experience on a hike or by the ocean or in the desert.  A few months ago I read this book The Gardening Awakening by Mary Reynolds and now I am obsessed with the nature I live amongst everyday.  I am now very in tune with my little plot of land and very much in relationship with the nature spirits that live here.  I’ve lived in the same little house since 2002 and it is only now that I’ve tapped into the wonder and incredible natural power of this place that might seem suburban and ordinary to anyone else.  I’ve listened to the land, planted native trees and other plants and had a literal truckload of free mulch delivered to my driveway and carried it in buckets and wheelbarrow loads to the backyard.  We’ve had a lot more animals visiting and living in the yard, and every plant is more vivacious, green – they almost seem like they are glowing.  It’s been really transformative and thrilling to fall in love with the natural community of the physical place where I live.

photos of Jessica by Charlie Chipman

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