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Juxtaposing Fashion for More Joy

I’ve always loved the idea of juxtaposing styles when creating looks in my wardrobe. The word ‘juxtaposition’ is just a fancy word for ‘contrast. Specifically, juxtaposition is when you put two opposite things together, and the contrast of those two things becomes interesting.

 If you look through magazine editorial’s, you’ll find trending themes of incorporating juxtaposition in fashion by wearing items that would normally would clash, but when they’re put together in the right way seem to just work.


 Personally, I love to push the boundaries with my outfits that express my personality and different archetypes. I find the process fun and creative and it expresses my personal expression that feels more unique to who I am.

I have found that with my inner exploration and self growth, I’ve been more courageous with creative expression and its allowed for more freedom and joy.

As the new year approaches, why not Have fun styling your wardrobe pairing contrasting and unexpected  combinations.

For example try pairing something  feminine, flirtatious, or ethereal with a  tomboy, androgynous, edgy or classic chic smart option.

Be creative, bold and have fun!

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