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Vibing with Kalisa Augustine

Are you feeling ready for some energy shifting?  Feeling courageous to clear some stagnant area’s and make way for a thriving vibey life? Get to know Kalisa Augustine. Kalisa is a bad ass energy artist, a metaphysican, a writer, speaker, healer,vibration manifesto and the list continues.
At an energy clearing workshop a few months ago, I had the experience of Kalisa’s magic firsthand, which resulted in cascading, multi dimensional openings.
She is a force of nature; a striking gorgeous Texas native that will remind you of your ability to manifest and be the deliberate creator of your life.  She empowers with conviction, yet with a loving approach.  Receiving her newsletters with her brilliant writings have also been a highlight in assisting my own personal development. Her writings are a cornucopia of either poetry or articles on feminism, energetics, mysticism, universal law, quantum mind, the law of attraction,  shamanism, crystals and the shift in humanitarian consciousness in art form. Have a look into the world of Kalisa below and  look out for experiencing a lecture or workshop with her in NYC or Los Angeles. 

Kalisa, we are so stoked to learn about the science behind your magic; can you tell us when you first encountered the feeling or knowing that you had the gift of healing? What was that experience like? 

I am not someone who suddenly had an awakening and then realized there was more to life. I came here with a mission, artistry, sensitivity and realms of experience beyond this life. I had to learn to master my mystical ability it or it would have destroyed me. For people like me there is no choice. You go insane, or you master yourself. To answer your question, when I was little my vision would shift and everything looked like dots. I called it “the dots”. It was like seeing moving molecules, the world pixelated. I would try to put my hand through the table because it did not appear solid to me (because there is no matter just energy whose frequency has been so lowered as to be perceivable to the senses—but I did not know that at age 4). But alas, my hand would smack a hard table every time. It fascinated me. I saw spirits, guides, realms, energy, and felt other peoples pain and joy since I was born. 

Your background and training experiences? 

LOL. (I am not lol-ing at you or your question) It’s a gentle, sweet laugh. Mystics and shamans just are. Theres no choice. The real teacher is within. Real wisdom is self study. It is remembered. It is given by God. It is through a pure channel. You don’t listen to someone and then do what they do. You become the pure channel you are meant to be, and the work will be sacred, profound and divine if you are pure, and mean to do it. If it is meant for you, you are given initiations. If you pass, you move to the next level.

Mysticism is something a little different than the “wellness” industry. Again, for people like me you aren’t really given a choice. You make the choice before incarnation. There are the ones who comes down to do this work, over and over again. To help the humans. 

Can you share on your offerings; what does an energy clearing session offer and what does an intuitive guidance offer? 

Energy healing is guidance + well, what I will just call “lightwork”. I use shamanic technique, angelic healing, I curate the electromagnetic field like a maestro, I clear and restore chakras, cut cords, remove hooks, past life healing, open and refine the gridwork, remove trauma, dense energy, other peoples energy, spirit attachments, inner child wounds, things like that. 

Guidance is about talking it out, getting to the root cause of the issue and then doing psychological practices or techniques, what I call “soul journeying” to meet the deepest aspects of self to alchemize those root causes. Mentorship is more about empowerment coaching, and no BS facing of the self. 

The plethora of tools and instruments in your arsenal that come along during a session? 

I don’t use tools so much anymore. I still have my crystal light bed and I pull up the energy template of my client there remotely. But it’s really about energy, intention, and the mind. I close my eyes, see their field, and curate with spirit. All sessions, at least for now— I have a surprise coming very soon— are remote. There will be opportunities to work with me again in NYC live, on the crystal light bed. I won’t make an official announcement but there is a new, exciting collaboration happening. 

What advice can you give to someone wanting to learn on how to work with crystals? 

Meditate with the crystal. Learn about it. Carry it with you in your field. Hold it in your left hand and practice tuning into it’s energy. It will give you messages and send you vibrations. Energy comes in through the left channel. For those who are science minded — study the literature of Marcel Vogel. 

What advice can you offer to create more energetic flow and harmony in one’s life? 

HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. If you don’t have healthy boundaries in the physical world, you won’t in the spiritual world. All is one. Listen to nature and spirit. She will guide you. Don’t be lazy. It isn’t handed to you. You earn it through practice. Meditate. Qi-Gong. Get regular sessions so you understand what healthy energy flow even feels like. Most people don’t even understand what a connection to Spirit feels like. Get a taste, your soul will guide you as to how to maintain it. 

What are you feeling most passionate about conveying with your alluring writing at the moment? 

Artistry of the Soul. Self-reliance. Drinking your own damn cool-aide. And getting away from “quick tips” and “tools”. People are becoming so obsessed with quick wellness fixes their completely missing the point.

A bit on your personal process; what is the flame that ignites your creativity? Where do you go to recharge and alchemize? 

My creativity is constant. It’s how my brain works. Ideas, passion, study, and creation is in my blood and spit. It just is. It is within all of us. I just happen to be born with a lot of fire and drive. It’s a choice to inhabit deeper spaces of the self, where oceans of creativity live, or not to. And right now I am pouring into a specific project that is related to mysticism but not directly related to my practice or business. I had to focus on healing for some time. There was a contract with spirit. Now there is some space to focus on art again. 

I have to be in nature, away from people, to recharge. I am a single mother. I don’t have a nanny. And my life and my work is about other people. So, when I get the chance, being alone in nature is how I recharge. I also work on my own energy daily, have a deep meditation practice, mindfulness practice (mental training), eat specifically, and like to sweat. Sometimes its just stillness, shutting off my phone, and nothingness. Sometimes its just a good meal and good wine with friends that does the trick. But I would have to say solitude in nature heals me. 

Any special projects brewing you’d like to share?

Yes. Very special projects. But I do not wish to share them at this time. 

What feels most joyful in your life at the moment? 

Helena. My daughter. Always. 

I intend to travel more. The idea of this brings deep joy. 

And I think I am going to manifest some really damn good sex now. Yeah… Sensuality. Play. Roses. Seeeeeeeex.  

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