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Kin Yoga Retreats in Tulum

By Alia Mia
Tulum is a magical place that has begun to call in souls from around the world, soul’s in search of deeper meaning and a vacation that sends them home inspired.
Above and beyond Tulum’s lush green and turquoise blue waters, people find themselves enchanted by yoga in paradise.

I teach daily classes at Casa Violeta, honing in on the deep seeded quality of yoga as a meditation practice. Continuously drawing student’s awareness back to the breath, reminding them that yoga is not just a practice in physical form, but has the potential to unlock the deep secrets of our soul.
When our movements become slow, with such steady, tender awareness and mindful breath, our practice transforms. This is the fairly traditional perspective of yoga I adhere to, taught to me 8 years ago by my teacher in India.

K’in yoga retreats is the name of my company, we host retreats here in Tulum.
In Mayan K’in means spirit. In English the word kin or the concept of our kindred spirits has always held deep meaning to me. So many of us are in search of individuals with likeness in heart, soul and mission, yogis are often my kin, transforming into soul family with aligned visions and values.

Each retreat has its own focus, from sound healing to astrology to foundations of yoga, working with teachers from around the world who have spent years studying and honing their personal perspective of yoga.
As we come together in a yoga retreat, really the collective group takes on a life of its own. Practicing daily, feeding our bodies nourishing food, participating in Mayan sweat lodges and sound baths, the retreat group becomes a family of kindred spirits as we undergo a soul transformation together.

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When I first moved to Tulum I was told a story. All of Tulum is set on and surrounded by water. Under the ground are the cenotes, surrounding us is the ocean, and above us the clouds and rains that come often. Many spiritual teachers, mystics and indigenous cultures over the centuries have noted the connection of water to emotion, water as an emotional conductor or conduit.Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.56.51 PM


For this reason, when we are in Tulum, surrounded by water, we become very sensitive. If we practice presence this sensitivity has the potential to transform into deepened intuition and emotional healing. If we avoid seeing ourselves, our emotions will become heightened and many times have I seen individuals in avoidance confronted by distressing situations in Tulum.

This is the beauty of coming to Tulum for a yoga retreat. You will be held in support by a kindred group, you will be nourished with delicious food and beauty, and your practice of presence will be daily. In this cocoon you have the opportunity to use Tulum’s magic as a platform for your personal transformation!

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