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Last Minute Valentines Day Plans


By Sonia Shalom

There’s much hype around Valentines Day, and the pressures to plan a perfect V day celebration can be overwhelming for some..

Whether you’re celebrating the day of love in celebration of yourself, your significant other, your family and  friends, there are ways to be low key and not spend a fortune on celebrating.
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For the couples:

Think about the things that you enjoy doing together. Acknowledge that men usually aren’t as keen to the celebration of this holiday as much as us females are. Try to persuade your significant other into planning something that you both enjoy doing together.

Here are some alternative ideas:

1 Cook dinner together. Create your menu in advance and brainstorm dishes that you and your partner both enjoy. Order your groceries beforehand to leave more time to spend together that evening. Slip into something comfortable that makes you feel good, light some candles, pop open a bottle of wine and play some music. Have just as much fun cooking your meal as you do eating it 🙂

2 Go out for an adventurous meal. Skip all the prix-frixe over priced spots and go on a journey to a local authentic joint. Step outside your comfort zone and appreciate a new cuisine together, whether it be tacos at a Mexican taqueria or some Naan and Dal at an Indian restaurant.

3 Relax at a spa. Many spas offer late night appointments. Book a couples massage therapy and relax together. There is no better feeling than unwinding after a long day, especially on a weeknight. After your treatments, you’ll feel revived. Order in your go to meal, put on a movie, and cuddle up on the couch. Always have a pint of ice cream in the freezer for your late night snack! (My favorite is Halo Top… healthy ice cream made with only the best ingredients, and low calorie too!)

4 Do a movie night at home. Manchester By The Sea and Moonlight just came out on demand! Surprise your partner with a light and easy home cooked meal such as a steak or burger. After dinner, bring out the movie snacks! Create a cute platter of freshly popped popcorn, candies and your partners favorite beverage. Dim the lights, bring out the cozy blankets and enjoy the film!

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For the singles:

Tonight is all about treating yourself. Do what makes you feel best, indulge yourself. Everyone has their own personal favorites, but here are a few of my favorite things to do when treating myself:

1 Getting an on demand massage from Zeel. I love using Zeel because there is no better feeling than being in the comfort of your own home while getting a massage. It’s so uncomfortable to have to see people afterwards with my frizzy hair covered in oil, and my contact lenses stuck to my pupils. Zeel allows you to customize your massage as you please. Therapists show up on time, and bring the necessary essentials such as a table, oil/cream and music.

2 Ordering in dinner home and eating by the couch with a glass of wine. I love doing this after getting home from a long day. I take a hot shower, put my comfiest pajamas on, hit the couch and binge watch a Netflix show. I always follow this with a pint of Pinkberry.

3 If you’re feeling the company of your friends, throw a low key dinner party in your apartment. Buy some chocolate treats, serve some red wine, and have each guest bring a dish. It will be an easy carefree night in good company!

4 Treat yourself to your favorite hobby or exercise routine, followed by a dinner at your favorite restaurant or at a movie theatre seeing a feel-good film. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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Surprise your kid’s with a small gift or candy wrapped up and a card telling them how much you love them.  On Valentine’s day, my mom always set the dinner table and left little gifts for us over our plate setting.

Spend some personal individual time with each kid. Perhaps take them to their favorite ice cream or candy shop after school,letting them know it’s an exception in celebrating Valentines Day. Let them know how special they are and express your love for them.

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