The Joyful Anthology

Lessons and Blessings from Healer Sam Savard

By Karina Gallego

Name: Samantha Savard

Profession: Entrepreneur in the field of Holistic Health and Wellness; A dōTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate, Astrologer, Yoga Instructor and BodyTalk Practitioner.

It is my greatest pleasure to introduce you to the magical Samantha Savard. From the moment we first met in Tulum, I just knew she was a woman filled with so much love and wisdom.

Sam has been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for 11+ years, which is a staple in her practice. She has 8 years of professional training in the medicinal and therapeutic uses of essential oils.  In addition, she has her multiple certifications in YTT with over 2000 hours of teaching, the BodyTalk System, astrology and even the healing benefits of therapeutic gemstones and color therapy. Sam has studied astrology under some of the most well known astrologers in the world and incorporates much of it into her practice.
Sam started her yoga teacher training in 2006. She went to a gym and after peeping into a class, she saw something that she never knew existed but immediately knew that she wanted to try it. “I don’t know what that is but I want to do it!”, she shared excitedly. After some time she found out that it was yoga that transformed the way that she felt about herself and the way she judged others. You can say that yoga was her “gateway drug” to discovering her purpose in health and wellness. As it is for many other people.

Yoga allowed Sam to connect with the innate wisdom of the body. Your body’s own intelligence. The Asana’s are transformative not just physically but “it becomes so much more” shared Sam. Connecting with your body, learning about your abilities and finding patience with yourself. “The best way to get out of your head is to get into your body”, says Sam. “And with yoga, you just get into your body and it just FEELS SO GOOD!” Teaching yoga is not just about teaching to other students, but recognizing that you’re your own student as well. And by teaching yoga you remind yourself of the importance of self love, “when you have love inside, you can love others”.

Her go-to mantra, practiced daily and even tattooed onto her arm is, “This too shall pass”. It reminds her of the destroyer and the creator. Sam says, everything that gets created, gets destroyed. And everything that gets destroyed, creates space for new creations. Everything is a cycle; “This too shall pass”, the good will pass, the bad will pass, history will continue to repeat itself and the planets will keep going around. “So don’t get too attached because it’s going to pass, whether good or bad, it doesn’t matter, ‘this too shall pass’”. Thank you for the reminder, Sam!

I find this mantra to be helpful for anyone building a Holistic wellness business as well. It’s difficult for most of us raised in this western society to feel truly supported to pursue our purpose, that calling that’s communicated to us from our innate wisdom. And once we do find the courage to leave it all behind, we jump into a shark tank and find ourselves struggling to place a value on our work because we’re truly passionate about helping others find healing. So because of this we face times of abundance and times of insecurity but “This too shall pass”. I think it’s important to remember that we’re at least starting to move in the direction that helps us feel balanced inside.

Like Sam so passionately shared with me, “people want to pursue their passion of helping other people heal. We’re not taught to believe that we can make a living as spiritual teachers or be a healer. We’re not taught to believe that that’s a way to make a living. We’re taught to think that we need to go to college, get a degree, get a job, work a 9 to 5, and that’s how you’ll live. But astrologically, we’re in a state of destruction where that old mindset is dying because it’s just not working anymore. We have to change our collective consciousness as a planet. And it might sound so cliche but it starts with you! And it starts with me!”

Sam is confident that her path in life is to heal herself so she can heal others. Much of the healing work she does is learned through the BodyTalk System, which is a unique health care modality that addresses the body in a truly integrative and holistic approach.  Sam explains that, “recognizing that the body mind complex functions as a synchronicity and has it’s own innate wisdom that heals and maintains this synchronicity within the body is key to understanding health. Poor health denotes an imbalance and is addressed through the BodyTalk system via bio-muscular feedback to determine what the priorities are at that time. Once we find the formula, per your body’s needs, we use tapping in order to reset the communication system within the body. This enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Tapping on the head activates the hemispheres of the brain to redirect lines of communication within the body for more effective healing. Tapping on the heart then stores these new patterns of healing and begins to override the old destructive patterns. It’s that simple!”Sam was first exposed to BodyTalk in 2006 when She was dealing with her own infertility issues. Having spent many years struggling with eating disorders, she developed an endocrine imbalance and it began to cause other issues in her body. “My sister had been seeing a BodyTalk practitioner and suggested I find one in my area to help me, since nothing else was working. So I did!”, said Sam. “The healing I experienced was life changing and eye opening! I dove in head first in continuing treatments on myself and quickly began taking the modules to eventually get certified as a practitioner myself. I wanted to know more! I practiced on anyone that would let me tap on their head! Over time I got to a place where my logical left brain knew the information and my intuitive right brain could take over. I still attend continuing education courses often, however, much of my practice is guided by intuition.”

When Sam is facilitating healing she always works with the innate wisdom of the body. Sam says that “your body knows what it needs and what it can handle and it communicates that clearly through bio muscular feedback, so it makes my job easy. I often joke that healing by tapping  is like going to the bathroom, you don’t need anyone to tell you you’re done, you just know when you are! One of my long time affirmations that I repeat often is this: ‘I am a healer on all (10) layers and levels. I heal only for the greater good of mankind and to the highest power of OM. I act as a vessel healing others, as it travels through me, it also heals me’. This is powerful for me as I used to take on much of the disease and illness that I would take away from my clients. I had to learn to protect my own energy field in order to offer healing to others.”

When she started using essential oils in her yoga classes, her students would often show a great amount of interest and ask her for more information on the healing benefits of specific oils, mankind’s first medicine. This placed Sam in a very important role because at that point she wasn’t just the yoga teacher, she was also empowering her students to heal themselves with oils which in turn helped her dōTerra business grow. Sam has been healing herself with these essential oils since she was a child, so naturally, people are drawn to her powerful energy. This is where she learned that she had to do the work of studying and researching the benefits of these oils for herself in order to help others. Sam believes her business has been successful because she is “hungry for knowledge!” “I am constantly looking for the next workshop or training to advance my skills in order to turn around and invest what I’ve learned into my business and my clients.”

A personal experience that she shared about one of her dōTerra clients was a reminder as to why she believes so much in the healing powers of essential oils. Sam was meeting with a potentially new client who is a pharmacist. She shared her essential oils “bible” to discuss benefits and qualities of the oils with the client and as her client looked through the book she was simply amazed. Sam told me that this person who’s trained as a western medicine pharmacist recognized all of the molecular formulas of these oils as the basis of western medicine drugs. The client was flipping through the pages and shouting out with excitement, “oh that’s xanax! And that’s tylenol!” It blew her mind that these were the drugs in it’s natural form. Sam loved that she recognized that and immediately bought a kit and has become a dedicated client ever since.

Sam feels a large part of her mission is to “bring astrology back to life!” “Making it practical, applicable and relatable to those who may dismiss, overlook and even to those who embrace it! The more I learn about astrology, the better I know myself and the better I can work with my clients. I use it as a tool. Always remembering that ‘this too shall pass’ just like the moon, the stars and the planets. As above, so below. As without, so within.” The best way to learn astrology is to study your own birth chart because “you know yourself best and you know your deepest desires and fears and experiences”. Sam also says that “once you know yourself, you can start to apply that knowledge to other birth charts but it starts out with knowing yourself, loving yourself, accepting yourself and healing yourself first.” The best way to get started is by having your own birth chart read to you by an astrologer that inspires you the most.

Sam’s passion is to introduce people to their birth chart which is the exact position in which the planets were in at your time and location of birth. Most people think that astrology is limited to their Sun sign, but what’s not implied is that each one has their own personality or archetype that are very telling on what they’re good at and how they interact with the other planets. “It takes a lot of focus and energy to interpret someone’s birth chart because there are so many layers and levels to it; past life times, future life times, current life, etc.”, shared Sam.

Studying and understanding your own birth chart can help guide you towards a path of healing. “People love to learn about themselves so when you present a person to their own birth chart and you get into the depths of their chart, you will be able to notice areas where there may have been wounds and struggles,” Samantha states, sharing her incredible insight on astrology as a form of healing. “You can see how that plays out in your real life when different aspects that might be challenging between the planets may cause some friction or tension. For example, if someone had Mars (in their 4th house) opposite Pluto then one might think that there might have been some tension in their house growing up or some disharmony with the mother or father. So when someone has the awareness that they did have those struggles growing up, then how can it not open a door for healing? You either start to accept it as a trialing time growing up and as lessons to be learned so there’s room for compassion for oneself. Perhaps even realizing that you can’t change it but you can work with it or you know that there’s a deeper meaning to it. When I see things in my birth chart that are harmonious or challenging and I see how they’ve played out in my life, I’m just more accepting of it. Like, ‘of course I’m going to be this way because it’s in my birth chart’. Astrology can be very healing and eye opening. I think this western culture has distanced itself so much from ancient cultures and wisdom and just write astrology off, overlook it or don’t pay attention to it. But at the same time these things aren’t for everybody. Some people just aren’t ready for this kind of knowledge, healing and transformation… and they might never be in this life. You work with the people who are ready,” she continued.

Fear hold many people back from seeking out healing or change in their lives. Sam believes that “our words are POWERFUL!!!” She elaborates by sharing that “we are what we say we are! We become what we speak! Speak what you seek until you see what you’ve said! If you are feeling fear, then affirm “I am brave” or “I have courage”. If you are struggling with depression, affirm your happiness and joy. If you are ill, affirm good health and wellbeing. Your body metabolizes your words and you literally become the words that you speak. Use “I AM” statements and speak them out loud as often as possible. Write them on your bathroom mirror, put post-its on your walls or doors and surround yourself with people who uplift and support you in achieving your greatest goals and desires. And last but not least, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!”

For Sam, the Joyful Approach is “striving for balance and happiness each day.” “I think of life as a pie 🙂 Each piece represents an aspect of health that is important and makes up our complete wellbeing. One piece of pie might be your relationship; another represents your finances, another is your physical health, your mental health, your job or career, spirituality, etc. Each person’s pie is made slightly different depending on what that person’s core values are. Figure out what your pie is made of and contribute something small to each piece of your pie daily. Then you will know the joyful approach.”

In the end, we are our own healers. You are your best doctor. Nobody can feel your body or hear your mind better than you can. “I am empowered to heal myself. I have all of the tools at my fingertips to heal myself. Even if it’s with my own word, I can heal myself with my thought. I don’t need another person that’s gonna guess what’s wrong with me. I know me. I have the power and the tools to heal myself and so does everybody else,” says Sam, with her soothing, American sweetheart voice!.

With love and light,

Samantha and Karina

If you’re interested in working with Samantha Savard, shoot her an email at and check her out at www.mydō


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