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Love as a transaction + Venus Retrograde

by Rose Theodora

Venus is often associated with love, but it’s meaning far extends that. In order to understand what love truly means, we have to understand our individual relationship to it.

Rumi makes a profound observation when he says that, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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In astrology, each planetary body (planet) infuses Earth with a unique message and is demonstrative of love in its own special way. Each planet supports us in our life path, soul growth, and evolutionary process, ultimately for our highest good. We may not think of Saturn as a particularly loving planet, but if it weren’t for Saturn then time wouldn’t exist, nor would stability. As you contemplate the meaning of love during this Venus retrograde, now through April 15th–I ask you to take the following into consideration:

Venus as a deity, or goddess, or in this case a planet is associated with themes of relationship and love. Harmony, support, and grace are her known attributes. Love, however, is a complex subject, that much we know. In the esoteric definition of Venus, she is actually the synthesis of polarities, and it is only from this place of balance that true peace or love is felt and recognized. When things feel out of balance, we tend to feel stressed, and when we feel stressed we leave little room for harmony. This is one of the reasons that the astrology sign Libra, or the scales is attributed to the planet Venus.

When we feel harmonious, or in balance, we tend to be more giving, open to receiving and leave little room for fear or doubt. Love as a transaction is about the balance of giving and receiving, and whether or not you are in a healthful relationship, you wouldn’t be in it unless you were receiving something–no matter how healthy or unhealthy it is. When we give, we receive, and maybe not in the conventional sense, but something, some form of exchange is occurring.

Our love language–what we need to feel harmonious differs from person to person, depending on where your natal Venus placement is, and in what sign. Venus’ natural placement is in the sign Libra (Taurus too, but for the sake of this article, we’re only focused on Libra), opposite the sign Aries, a sign ruled by Mars–concerned taking action to assert the will of one’s self. When Venus is in the sign Aries, the two by definition are not compatible; In fact, they are complete opposites. While this transit occurs (approx. six weeks) there is a real opportunity for growth, because we are being nudged to synthesize unbalanced aspects of ourselves–assertive tendencies with that of a passive nature. We are being called to action, like a parent holding out their arms while the toddler is encouraged to take their first steps. The universe is holding its arms out encouraging you to go after what you want–to muster up the confidence, and to cultivate a stronger will; only then will you feel inner harmony, and only then can you share that harmony with others.

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So what happens when Venus is in a Mars sign like Aries?
She is learning how to find harmony through self-assertion which is not comfortable for most of us, let alone acceptable by society. I’m speaking of Venus like she is some enigma outside of you, but remember, that Venus as a planet has a magnetic current; a vibration that runs through your body’s meridians that induce a very felt and physiological experience.

About Venus Retrograde.
Venus retrograde is a rare transit, which only happens in the same sign once every eight years (last occurring in March 2009), and every nineteen months (so typically Venus is retrograde about every 1.5 yrs.). Venus happens to be one of the brightest stars in the sky. Her proximity to the Earth is one reason for this. Each planet has a magnetic relationship with Earth and our galaxy. Venus, in her annual orbit around the Sun, recedes from the Earth, and thus appears to go backwards–we call this motion “retrograde.” While Venus is retrograde it’s a time to spiritually turn inward, to revisit our past (choices), so that when the planet eventually stops going retrograde we’ll have tied up loose ends, and freed ourselves from that which has been holding us back. Change is never easy, but it’s something that when met with little resistance, or contraction, expansion is felt much more easily.

While the Planet of love hibernates, we notice it’s absence and we reevaluate what we are giving attention and “love” to. We notice where we have been taking harmony for granted. Notice how when you feel harmonious, when you feel at peace; when you feel that things are in a healthful ebb and flow, love typically ensues. Venus Retrograde warrants against escapism, falling victim to new shiny romances and flings, or to signing new contracts, and forming new business partnerships (this is not to be confused with Mercury Retrograde, but Venus rules all things give and take i.e. people and transactions).

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Necessary things to contemplate:
What it is, or who it is that you are attracting? What is it that you value? Ask yourself if you are truly happy. Think about what you can do, and how you can live more in alignment with your life vision. Think about what actions you can take to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t. It’s time to get real and revisit how you’ve been living your life thus far, and that extends beyond relationships and love as we conventionally understand it. The most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. Are you giving yourself the time, love and affection that you need? Chances are that if your relationship with yourself isn’t harmonious, then you likely aren’t experiencing harmonious relationships with others. If your relationship with food, drink, and the body isn’t reconciled/accepted–you’re become susceptible to experiencing disharmony in other areas too; Like a leak, disharmony becomes ubiquitous.

Venus retrograde should be welcomed with open arms because she is showing you how have been neglecting yourself. This six week period is a valuable time that asks you to remedy the broken parts of your past, to infuse them with self (Aries) love (Venus) so that you can move forward and feel more whole; so that you can synthesize, or alchemize the unremedied parts of yourself.

Ways to work with this Venus Retrograde:
• Autonomy without hurting others in the process
• Be more assertive in your communication
• Contemplating your next course of action
• Work to strengthen your self-confidence and zest for life
• Invest in what you truly love, seeing yourself as an investment


Rose is part of The Joyful Approach Tribe contributing with her intuitive guidance on the placements of the planets and earth cycles. To book with Rose, or to personally explore this transit contact her at, or visit her website at

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