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Love Your Life Today

Love Your Life Today

Alice Chera  Life Coach CPCC, ACC


As a coach, it is my job to take my clients into the future. Having people create a vision of their best life is the first step towards motivating and empowering them to create a life they love. But sometimes we humans fall into the trap of placing our happiness in the hands of the future. With today’s constant emphasis on working towards the realization of one’s goals, society has trained us to move through our days with our eyes stretching towards one horizon or another, often missing out on gems that are already within our reach. But loving your life does not have to be something that lies far off in the distant future. With a fresh perspective and a few simple tips you will discover that the life of your dreams is waiting for you in the here and now.


Adjust Your Attitude: Abraham Lincoln has said “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” There is no substitute for a good attitude. Not only is it empowering, it’s downright attractive. Do you really want to waste your precious energy letting an annoying salesperson ruin your day? Will you let a little rain really get you down? Adjusting your expectations or learning to find the humor in the mess of life takes the edge off of things. When you make up your mind to have a good day regardless of the circumstances, you won’t take yourself too seriously or be shaken by the occasional emotional debris that life blows your way.  


Practice Joy: The common misconception is that joy is merely an emotion. While a piece of that is true, what spiritual teachers are finding is that joy is a practice and a state of being. The capacity for joy is internal and embedded within. We simply have to practice it daily. And if we are not paying attention, the endless opportunities for joy each day, will surely pass us by. A beautiful flower, a smile on a child’s face, are just some of the simple treasures that can light up the heart. Commit to living joyfully and you will stumble upon joyful experiences that lift your spirits and make you glad to be alive.


Set goals: Okay, at the risk of contradicting myself, there is a purpose to goal setting that cannot be ignored. Our goals are the path to our ideal life. They provide us with a direction to move in. Goals offer us the chance to create or achieve something new and revel in our success. Goals give our lives juice, fill us with purpose, and encourage us to expand and grow.


Redefine abundance: Most of us equate abundance with material wealth or the idea of “more.” But abundance is a state of mind. It is a way of thinking rooted in the appreciation of what you do have at this very moment. Friends, a loving family, good health, a roof over your head and food on your table are all forms of abundance. Even a good night’s sleep is a form of abundance. Make a list of all the ways in which your life is abundant and read it daily. Once you train yourself to see what you do have you begin to be filled up by things you once took for granted.


Love the One You’re With: It is easy to take people for granted. Sometimes we simply assume that family members or people we see on a daily basis know we love or appreciate them. But human beings are social animals and we need to know we are loved. As Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs asserts, one of the most basic human needs is to feel love and belonging. Feeling connected to our fellows enables us to feel secure and whole. When you can look at the people in your life that support and love you there is a renewed sense of abundance that fills your soul.


Give Back: Kindness to others feeds our spirits and gives our lives meaning and purpose. Showing compassion for those less fortunate or simply lending someone a helping hand is an act of love. We all feel good when we serve. Giving back to others reinforces the essential purpose of why we are here and reminds us of the true value of the gift of life.  


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