The Joyful Anthology


Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 6.40.39 AMBy Vicki Morav

We often think that love has a beginning or an end . At times there is a moment that may lead to that feeling yet as all illusions it is our personal view of the moment of any event.
The older I get the more I feel I never stoped loving and recognizing the blessings of every step of my journey. Love has become as a way of existence , a feeling of rising above all obstacles and judgments ,a way of being in this world ,a blessing of my own I want to share just by being present.
I heard a wise woman say ones , there were never two people that love each other , there were just two people that knew how to love , the union is then just like the wonders of the gods.
Love is kind ,sweet and light ,contagious and full of magic it’s a way of moving ,sharing ,existing ,
connecting and spreading like an endless chain.
If I have to stop and really think how I effect every person that comes my way every day and how many people they encounter and so on , I now know what I have to do to play my part on this stage – THE WORLD.
It is so effortless to love and so much energy to do otherwise
Waist not a moment

Will share a poem written by my sweet belated friend Betsy Friday who lived and loved and left her loving imprints in my heart forever !


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