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Magic Bars from Running on Veggies

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These  delicious healthy treats are a healthy snack  made by Lottie Bildirichi of Running on Veggies. Check out her site for more delicious recipes and training tips.


2 cups pitted dates
1/2 cup almond butter
1 cup chopped almonds
1 cup puffed grain cereal (I use puffed kamut)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch sea salt
6 oz Lily’s stevia sweetened chocolate
2 teaspoons melted coconut oilFile Aug 29

In a small bowl combine dates with warm water to cover.
Let sit for at least 5 minutes or longer to soften the dates. This will make it easier to blend the dates. You can skip this step but it may be more difficult to get a smooth paste.

Once your dates are soaked, add dates, almond butter, vanilla extract and sea salt to a food processor. Process until smooth.
Now add chopped almonds and cereal. Pulse ingredients with your date mixture but be sure not to over process. You want it to be chunky. Note: if the mixture is too dry to hold together, add 1/3 cup water and process again.

Line a small pyrex with parchment paper. You want the bars to be about an inch thick so you can use a larger pyrex and not fill it all the way. Once your pyrex is lined with parchment paper, press mixture into pyrex making sure it’s even throughout.

Meanwhile, melt chocolate over a double broiler and add melted coconut oil. Mix well until smooth, then pour over date mixture that you have evenly pressed into your pyrex.

Freeze for at least 30 minutes then cut into 1 inch cubes for the perfect bite. You should get around 20 mini bites. Store in the freezer serve frozen and enjoy.

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