The Joyful Approach Circle of Life

In a nutshell:

Members will awaken to a deeper experience of themselves and discover a whole new way of living their most authentic life. With Joy as a dynamic guide and teacher, you will be empowered to design your life system with a unique blueprint to usher you into Joyful Alignment. This will allow for life to flow, and for you to live in congruence with your truth.

It will reconnect you to your true nature while you’ll feel yourself rising to your fullest potential & awaken your vitality & creativity.
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For $33 per month, the membership will provide:

  • A monthly 2 hour live call on Zoom teaching the fundamentals of the Life system. This will include time for personal interaction, thought provoking conversation between Joy and the group, and in-depth Q&A sessions. These will be recorded for you to access at any time; members don’t need to be live to access the calls – they will have these in their library to refer to for a lifetime.
  • Weekly “gifts” –Downloadable video or audio meditations, exercises and activations
  • Have your personalized questions answered on the Joyful Approach Podcast and newsletter A weekly PDF lesson on a variety of topics, including freeing the inner-child, movement, releasing negative attachments, and more
  • Access to private Facebook group Joyful Tribe to connect and support one another through the lessons and Joyful Integration

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Joy is one of the most talented and magical guides and teachers I’ve ever worked with.  We met over a year ago and I look incredibly forward to joining Joy’s groups and healing events whenever she hosts a new offering.

She embodies what it is to live a high-vibrancy life in line with her purpose and magnetism.  You can feel the beauty and grace of her aura whenever you are in her presence.  She is generous and kind with her power and insight,  I feel so fortunate to have found her.  I plan on learning from her for so many years to come. She is my magic woman inspiration.

Michelle Bogorad, NYC

Joy came into my life like an angel you would imagine would come to a person in a movie. I will never forget walking into her beautiful space on Park Avenue on a cold January afternoon. I had no expectations or any idea what The Joyful Approach was. I just remembered feeling a “calling” to be there.

The light in the space coupled with the brilliant sparkle in Joys eye, immediately drew me in. I felt welcomed and free! There were 6 of us joining together that day, all from different cultures, age groups and backgrounds. That afternoon in Joys sacred white space, we created a bond and a sisterhood.

It has been nearly 5 months of working in alignment with The Joyful Approach. Everything from my perspective, my thoughts & my actions have completely shifted. I truly believe Joy was preparing us all for what was to come. During these past 10 weeks in quarantine, Joy generously offered us her time, her love & her support. We adapted to virtual sessions and virtual mediations. And though we missed seeing one another… we all felt the blessings of our sweet beautiful Joy.

Kacey Karp

Joy has been the catalyst and guiding light in my spiritual journey. I have been working with Joy for 6 months and first attended her group sanghas where I was introduced to breathe work and meditation. I was hooked after one session and continued to attend her events which eventually lead me to being part of her Wednesday’s Women’s Group and Mentor Group. To say she has changed my life would be an understatement.

I spent years looking for a mentor and healer to guide me on my spiritual path towards change and Joy has been that angel for me. She is an incredible healer who will work with you to remove any energetic blockage you may have and open you up to amazing possibilities and potential. Using the Joyful Approach Method has allowed me to open myself up and create the life that I desire and dreamed of. She creates space for you to grow, work, learn and practice so that you can make the shift in all areas of your life; spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Joy is a beautiful gift who will help you work towards your healing journey. I knew I was in the right place the moment I met her and entered her beautiful space. Her intuition, empathy, wisdom and genuine caring and compassionate nature and energy is contagious.

The Joyful Approach System has helped me improve all areas of my life that I was unhappy and unfulfilled in. She created the space for me to build the sustainable and lifelong actions and changes that needed to be made with different tools; breath work, meditation, identifying core values and beliefs and by using the Joyful Approach System. Because of Joy I am immensely happier, healthier and more proactive in all areas and I couldn’t thank you enough for all the continued guidance, love, support and healing you have bought into my life!

Sacha, Founder Glow by Sacha