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MNDFL Meditation NYC


I’m a meditator. I meditate for many reasons. I meditate to grow quiet, and with growing quiet, I seek answers. I meditate to practice love and kindness. I meditate to find the calm from the inevitable stresses that get in my way. I meditate to feel healthy and to recover, and I meditate because it’s been my best kept secret to feeling shiny and new.

Last Spring before meeting my girlfriend for dinner downtown, I texted her letting her know I was going tobe late because I was searching for a place to do my afternoon meditation. She replied with “what a coincidence, MNDFL was at our office today demonstrating meditation, you should check out the studio. ” I did a quick Google search and sure enough I was on my way in the thick of rush hour to MNDFL.


I stumbled into the beautiful airy space where suddenly the chaotic noise of the NYC hustle and bustle disappeared. The exposed white brick, displays of patches of moss and fern, sunlit skylights, and chic unassuming aesthetic details drew me in. The staff at the desk whispered, “Welcome to MNDFL” with a gracious smile and was generously happy to accommodate me, give me a tour of the space, and usher me to my cushion.Within minutes, I was in my Zen with the feeling of the daily stress evaporating and closer to my conscious self.

I met MNDFL co-owner Ellie Burrows, a former film executive. She graciously gave me a background of MNDFL. Ellie’s co-owner, Lodro Rinzler is one of the youngest senior teachers in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. He published his best-selling book, The Buddha Walks Into a Bar. The two of them had the idea of creating the contemplative casual, drop-in studio to help make meditation more accessible to stressed out city dwellers.

MNDFL’s system is conveniently designed where guests sign up and book their cushion in advance for a 30 or 45 minute session. Classes are led by any of the 23 meditation experts as well as appearances by well known teachers such as Sharon Salzberg and Elena Brower, all based on the various approaches to meditating. There’s Kundalini, Vedic, themes like Love and kindness, Mindfulness and others like Unwinding for a Better Night Sleep._MG_8245

Before and after the classes, a variety of people, from tree huggers to business executives, performers or stressed out mom’s gather around sipping tea in the comfortable lounge area, creating community. A wall of selected reading materials and accessories like Mala Beads, meditating pillows or great-looking tee shirts are always updated and carefully chosen. It’s a space where you can go to meditate that really brings the practice to life for people.


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