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Mother Daughter Workout’s


I feel fortunate that both my daughter’s were positively influenced by my healthy role modeling with raising them. A  forceful approach to health and fitness didn’t feel right for me so I preferred to make introductions to them and allow for them to make their personal choices.

Looking back to their younger years, when I was very passionate about running, I tried to get my girl’s to run by hiring a coach for them and bringing them to local races that also offered kids races.
After a few weeks that  I hired my running coach to also coach my younger daughter, I found out she was making bribe offers to him to buy her ice cream and sit on a bench in Central Park and talk about life instead of running and doing drills.  It was at that moment that I  realized I was better off allowing them to choose the activity they wanted to participate in.







Fast forward to years later, my daughters Sonia 22, (featured in this article) and Tunie 18, are both very passionate about variety in their exercise. Some of their choices for exercise are now running, pilates, bar, boxing  and Soul Cycle.

We are all very close to one another so when our schedules allow for it, we get together for a workout that we can do together as a great way to bond in a fun and active way.




Making time to workout with your children can be very rewarding for both, in a physical and emotional way.


Photos in this story by June Kim

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