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My Interview with Lili Pettit of Clutter Healing


I am thrilled to feature Lili Pettit, founder of Clutter Healing® and fellow Breathwork healer trained through the work of David Elliott. Lili has created her process with intuitive energetic cleansing by working one-on-one with clients to help them let go of emotional attachments to possessions and embark on a lighter way of living with more joy. I am so grateful for the support of like-minded souls like Lili who are sharing their work so graciously and creatively with the world.

I was intrigued by Lili’s work when I met her at our healer training almost one year ago. The Joyful Approach thrives on the idea of emotionally de-cluttering our lives for spaciousness and inviting newness as well as promoting recycling and sustainability. Lili’s aesthetic, approach and value system are derived from the talent she is blessed to have cultivated into the amazing Clutter Healing. Lili is based out of Los Angeles and travels to New York and other cities.

She also offers consistent Breathwork classes in LA at Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles.

I had so much fun chatting with Lili on getting a closer look into her journey:

When did you first begin organizing and feeling the purpose in organizing? When was The Clutter Healing® born and how did you get here?

 I’ve been cleaning out closets and junk since I was seven years old, but the concept of clutter healing emerged in 2010. In 2011 it became a corporation. Beforehand, I was a wardrobe stylist and a personal shopper and I was always involved with fashion. When I worked in massive wardrobe trailers, I was around so much “stuff” and yet I was always more interested in making the space look like a retail store. After six years working in fashion, it became painful to witness how women were being “propped up” to be socially acceptable and I didn’t know why I was having a visceral experience.

Then my father died, and I realized what I was doing was not making me happy. It wasn’t at all glamorous and it wasn’t filling my soul the way I wanted my work to fill me. At the same time, I had a falling out with my boss and lost my job.  I was terrified. I was already organizing peoples closets. for example Jessica Alba’s. I was shocked at how disorganized her closet was. There was no order and nothing made sense! So a friend suggested I make it a business. I reached out to 12 women and I immediately got four clients. It didn’t feel like work, it felt effortless.

Can you tell me about your past and your path in organizing and control?

 I grew up in an alcoholic household. Organizing was a safe space for me where I felt in control.

That was the one thing I had control over when life was messy, it was a coping mechanism. And this translates to my clients and their experiences. I try to encourage letting go of things that are energetically holding them down.

Can you take me through the Process?

 I consult first. The most important part of working with clients is that I want them to be  part of the process. My team and I take everything out of the space. We look at expiration dates. I ask questions in the kitchen like, “Is this part of your diet?”

My background in fashion is helpful in knowing where there is value in clothing, as well as what should stay and what should go. We use consigners that make it easy for pick up, like Thread Up based in San Francisco. They donate the leftovers that don’t sell. I’ll also ask, “Have you worn this in the past year?” I encourage them to know that it’s okay to allow the garment a new life with someone who will use it rather than keep around dead energy.

I also encourage them to consider why they only use their china once a year?  Or for a special occasion? Life is special so indulge and savor the beautiful things. Our home is a reflection of our beauty.

When I walk into a space and feel that it’s heavy and dense, I can feel the energy and decipher what needs to be done. It’s amazing how much stuff sits in cabinets, like appliances that were wedding gifts and have been never used. So I take everything out of the space, but the client has to be willing.

Would you say that all the stuff we hold onto can clog the flow for the ability for the new things to come in?

I absolutely believe that holding onto items that aren’t being used disrupt the energetic equilibrium not only of our homes but also ourselves. I immediately sense when a space feels off and after a few minutes or hours of removing dead weight, the frequency of a space changes for the better. Clients often report physical, emotional and mental benefits post organizing sessions. One of the biggest return on investments I’ve ever seen was a client calling in their beloved and after clearing our his closet and bedroom, she came into his life a few weeks after. They are now happily married and just celebrated their 1 year wedding anniversary. Space, energy and clearing out what is no longer needed is a huge part of joyful living.I immediately sense when something is off and after a few days of cleaning out, the frequency feels completely different and the client will experience even a physical change. My background in fashion is helpful with knowing where there is value in what should stay and what should go.

What about the connection between emotional cleansing and coaching?

 Usually when a person contacts me, they are pretty ready, open and conscious. When I am challenged with people, I understand they’re resistant and I try to work with them on letting go of their beliefs and we work with their emotions. We all just want to be seen and heard. I act similarly to a mid-wife translating a client’s heart-felt desires into their physical space. You can contain anything in a beautiful way even your emotions.

Can you tell me about your Breathwork?

I started Breathwork about six years ago. A dear friend recovering from breast cancer asked me to go with her to David Elliott’s New Years Eve Breathwork and Firewalk event. My intuition kicked in and said, “just go.” I knew nothing about David or breathwork but bought the plane ticket anyway. I was done with alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviors that were no longer enough to fulfill me or the numb what I had believed to be a very painful life experience. I had an eating disorder from when I was 13 years old to 32, I started partying at around age 14, in my 20s I made very bad decisions with men that continued to repeat themselves well into my 30s.

As crazy as it may sound, I did have a spiritual experience that weekend. I laid down on the floor of David’s living room with the 55 or so other retreat attendees and I did the breathing meditation. I’d always heard yogis and other spiritual people say things such as, “my heart cracked wide open” or “I saw the light.” I honestly thought that was all made-up melodrama to get people on their bandwagon. But then it happened to me. In that hour or so of breathing I forgave myself for a lifetime of grief, sadness, hatred, self-obsession and all the other garbage I had told myself to be true. Since then I have been five years sober and it’s been effortless. Every day I have a choice to unapologetically love myself or go back down a road that isn’t fulfilling. Life still has it’s challenges, but I choose love daily. My heart is now wide open.

Can you tell me about your lifestyle and House Blessings?

I discharge MY own energy through running, spinning, Barry’s Bootcamp. I move energy in a very physical way. I love working with plants like sage and other earth elements, wood, water, etc. A non-negotiable is also some kind of meditation daily. I do Breathwork about three times a week.

I have a Reiki certification as well. With house blessings, I practice Feng shui. I ask clients what do they want their house to feel like? I ask them why did they fall in love with the house to begin with? People forget. I love taking positive energy and vamping it up and then doing a ritual ceremony

What is Joyful in your life now?

 I find Joy in helping humans heal relationships with their homes and themselves. I find Joy in helping them see there is a way to an expansive way of living. I am grateful for all the new people that are finding me and reaching people on a broader way with organizing and meditation.

 Contact Lili for in person or virtual for Breathwork  Organizing, and House Blessings.

Clutter Healing® will travel!

Available for sessions in NYC 11/9-17


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