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My Wardrobe Awakening


When you experience an awakening, you experience a new awareness and perception of what’s around you. Not too long ago, I’ve had this experience with my wardrobe. At a time when I was feeling stagnant, flat, perhaps numb, I started to feel like my true inner essence wasn’t coming through in how I expressed my style. With vulnerability and uncertainty, I was wearing clothing dictated by fashion trends, inspired by images on social media of gorgeous models. I followed and succumbed to wearing pieces that just weren’t “me.”
Looking back to my high school days, I felt a similar feeling of discomfort. It was a constant inner struggle with my style, identity and I felt tormented emotions of insecurity with my appearance. I took the route of trying to mimic the popular, stylish girls at school, which wound up being even worse. (Dressing for another body type is a whole other issue!)


I had that awakening one weekend when I had nothing on my agenda and decided it was time to transform my wardrobe. With the intention to minimize consumption altogether, I opened all my closets and drawers and had a compulsive need to edit immediately. To PURGE!
The more conscious me took more of a meditative approach. I tapped into my inner self. I asked myself how I wanted to express myself and which items no longer spoke to me. There’s also a maturity that evolves from within that motivates editing. So I pondered what I enjoy wearing most.
My innate self loves Bohemian, gypset vibes. I love juxtaposing styles and mixing romantic and edgy looks. I love denim with glam. I love a leather moto jacket over a ball gown, or smart trousers worn with a beautiful blouse and sneakers. A sartorial look feels sexy and evokes confidence for me. A trench coat worn casually, my hair tied back in a low bun. I never want to look contrived so I err on more practical for everyday. The list goes on…. With all that in mind, I began editing. I am fortunate to have daughters and nieces that salvage my giveaways and treasure them with gratitude. Otherwise, I hand them down to charities. If they are a designer brand with value I sell them with a consignment shop. With the completion of my revamped wardrobe, I felt the shift to a more vibrant, radiant, lighter me!

Want to know how to dress for your essence?

Question yourself. Are you happy with how you express yourself?

What would you like to change?

Take a few meditative breaths and close your eyes. Visualize how you would like to express yourself.

Use a notebook to answer these questions.

Browse magazines and surf the web for inspiration that suits you.

A fun activity involves creating an inspiration board of images that speak to you.

Take a day to clear out your wardrobe and edit. Clear out anything you wouldn’t be happy wearing

Create styles by mixing pieces in your wardrobe.

Take snapshots of these outfits to have handy so you can remember when you’re getting dressed in a hurry.

Research local charities to give away hand-me-downs. You’ll feel the gratification that comes along with giving.

Contact consignment shops that take designer labels. You can seek value from your old pieces and then purchase something expressing your innate self!

Here are some of the consignment shops I like:

The Real Real

Linda’s Consignment


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