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Self Love


As I look back to a time when I was rigid in my routine, I now realize that it held me back from having freedom within and that I was less connected to my SELF.

My routine ensured a feeling of safety and comfort. It gave me consistent direction. I felt satisfied with feeling productive. I had less time to simply BE and less time to get in touch with myself. I held on to it and its security, although I was less spontaneous and feared the outcome of change.

Along with the natural ebbs and flows of life, my journey led to self-discovery. With a gradual opening to more self-love, I discovered new passions, which allowed for more flexibility. I began embracing CHANGE and variety, and through my experiences of letting go, I began craving it. I changed and alternated the route of my daily run. I discovering new scenery. I took advantage of my “all access” gym membership and alternated locations to ensure variety. I felt a sense of “newness” meeting different people that allowed for creating new friendships. I became more open to traveling spontaneously and to new places that piqued my curiosity. I planned more discovery days and began exploring different neighborhoods. I opened my senses to trying new cuisines and researched new vegan and farm-to-table restaurants in the area that I hadn’t been to but always wanted to try.

Overall, I was feeling innovative and I was expressing myself more creatively. I started to feel an external glow from my inner shift. I let my hair go and wore it naturally. My spirit felt sparkly and recharged. I was feeling a new zest for life and a deeper love of my self.

I’m witnessing more and more obsessive standards, whether it’s the latest trends in fitness crazes and styles, or the new miracle anti aging “fix.” Unfortunately, society and fashion trends sometimes derail us from our true identity, and we are left with mixed messages on the paradigm of how we “should” appear. Rather than embarking on the never-ending quest outside of self, how refreshing would it be to see more concentration on self-love, self-discovery inner beauty and inner glow?




Practice mindfulness.

Protect yourself. Edit negative energy. Surround yourself with positive, loving beings, children, pets

Take a walk in nature. Research shows that interacting in nature prevents depression. Tune into nature for diving into some self time.

Let go of your inner critic. Try to practice less self judgement and acknowledge the beautiful things about yourself.

Live intentionally. When you set an intention, the entire universe conspires to make it happen. Set an intention that is reasonable for yourself. We all have an inner GPS system. Tap into yours and ask yourself what positive intention you would like to set for yourself and commit to it. By taking accountability, you will already feel gratified and one step closer to a positive shift.

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