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P.P.P. (Plan, Pack, Participate)

P.P.P. (Plan, Pack, Participate)

by :Matthew Davison

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Easier said than done…

Human books vacation to take a break from the every day grind.
Human expects to come back from vacation revitalized.
Human is sedentary and over-consumes alcohol and bad foods while on vacation.
Human returns tired, sick and more run down than the day they left.

There is a better way! Think P.P.P.:

Plan yourself a vacation that revolves around both activity and relaxation. If you talk about how you would love to learn to surf or snowboard, but you don’t have the time, there is no better solution than vacation time! Vacation is an opportunity to take the bag full of “I really want to’s” and make them your reality. Two common vacation regrets fall into the category of “I wish I had done that” and “I wish I didn’t get sick every time I went away”! Well, it doesn’t have to be that way… its your vacation. Start planning to fulfill your dreams- If not you, who?

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Pack the clothing and gear you need to make your “I wish” easier to fulfill. Whether that be running sneakers, a jump rope, proper snow gear or active beach wear, pack it. If you are planning on traditionally working out every day but there is no gym, search the internet for body weight exercises or have a local trainer plan a body weight program you can do anywhere, anytime.


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Participate in the activity you planned! It is too easy to find excuses as to why you didn’t follow through with your planned activities of choice. Instead, make yourself show up for the first day and find out just how exciting it can be to learn a new sport, climb a mountain, bike the road less traveled, etc. And you just might make a new friend along the way-Bonus!

My favorite travel adventures include morning beach yoga, rock climbing, snowboarding, running or biking unknown cities, beach runs and workouts, downhill mountain biking, hikes to find an aerial take on the new landscape, swimming and snorkeling, kite surfing and cooking classes. As a matter of fact, more than half of these all occurred for the first time on a vacation.

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Be mindful of how you treat your body on vacation, just because you are in a different area code does not mean you can abuse yourself without paying for it with your health. Turning off your cell phone for the week and spending some extra time in bed (8 hours) can be hugely rewarding. Use the 3p’s to find your get up and go to get out and do it all… see you out there.

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