The Joyful Anthology



Are you ready to feel more AWAKE, INSPIRED, ALIVE, RADIANT, HAPPY and FULFILLED? The Joyful Approach is a lifestyle that offers tools and guidance. It is one that I have adopted through my experiences and coaching skills. The Joyful Approach is an approach to being mindful, present, to cultivating your innate capacity. The approach will connect you to your inner core and your inner SELF so that you can be more conscious, open-minded, curious, responsive to possibilities, and more creative and innovative.

Let’s take an exciting adventure together. Let’s wake up, feel inspired and challenge ourselves. A true adventure involves setting an intention, a willingness and a great deal of trust in our own instincts. Let go of your familiar routine and start seeing everything with a new perspective.

We will cultivate what it means to get clear on your purpose and dreams. Knowing your purpose is the gift of waking up and feeling charged to living a life more fulfilled. I will guide you through the steps to setting an INTENTION. I will take you through the PROCESS to fulfill your PURPOSE and DREAMS.


The process involves fundamental principles and requirements, such as BOUNDARY SETTING and setting CORE VALUES. By doing so, you feel more anchored, grounded and ready to take the plunge and go after what your heart wants. Process is the vessel that provides you with tools, exercises and deep thinking material to accompany you on your quest.

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