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Q&A with Beauty Expert Vicki Morav

The year that I was turning 40 had me “freaked out”. I was spending much energy and apprehension on changes I was about to embark on. With the apprehension I was feeling, I knew it was time to pay better attention to my skin care.
A girlfriend that was  appearing  exceptionally radiant shared the secret of Vicky Morav Skin Care. Since I’ve been treated by Vicki, and on a daily regime using the products Vicki prescribed,I wear less makeup and enjoy a “glowier”me.

Vicki  is a skin care guru, and  master aesthetician.  Her skilled hands, and caring positive attitude offer an  innate understanding of each client’s beauty needs from the inside out.Her products are top of the line sought out from all over Europe. I feel so fortunate to have Vicki in my life as she is also a mentor of inspiring spiritual lessons through her experiences.


Vicki Morav

Background../Origin: Born in Soviet Georgia raised in Israel

Place of residency: New York NY

Education :High School and European aesthetics, continuous education in medical and aesthetic skin care,Raw food nutrition,Reiki

How many years in practice? 28 full time years

Prior occupation?Motherhood

What inspired you to your profession as a beauty expert/ aesthetician ?
In the beginning I was so young it was just fun and interesting then it became a passion for knowledge, understanding the skin inside and out ,experiencing most challenging cases , being lucky enough to be exposed to science nutrition body mind spirit connection ,genetics and what love had to do with it all :))
This is a very long topic and it is all about change and growth!!!

How long is your practice open?
It has been 12 amazing years


Philosophy of the Vick Morav experience in a few sentences
There is no one philosophy..Educating each individual according to there skin condition. Proper analysis understanding the full picture including lifestyle,hormonal,digestive, emotional,physiological ,psychological genetic and physical body!
Teaching letting go , being present , self care , body mind care , different views and thought processes,inflammation reduction ,referrals to proper specialists and the most amazing teachings of diverse treatments and ingredients.
As we change our needs change, so do our regiments with seasons,hormons and stress related and life changing events.
We must go with the flow and adjust accordingly !


What type of clientele do you treat?
I have been very lucky to have amazing clients throughout my career.They vary from all walks of life,Some homemakers , some come from royalty, some are actors and then people that are conscious about their skin! It’s hard for me to label people I just call them amazing humans as that Is what we come to earth with :))
How is your your treatment considered a holistic approach to beauty?
I love ingredients and treatments that really work and do my best to choose the best of the markets conscious ingredients. Some of them are more or less preserved but they work and make tremendous difference.
My internal guidance is holistic as that matters most in the anti aging. I treat the skin with lasers acids microdermabrasion currents, lymphatic drainage, radio frequency a ton of love and offer my own personal holistic approach as inspiration with my treatment.


Can you describe how taking care of our internal affects the external?
Taking care is a ritual of time with oneself , that itself is beautiful and
anti aging.
Consistency is essential. the skin is a live organ that works endlessly to protect us from environmental pollutants viruses and chemicals . It has an emotional and physical intelligence and needs care just like all the rest of our organs.
Imagine if we didn’t brush floss out teeth , the gums will get disease or imagine if we didn’t have skin , we wouldn’t survive at all.
It needs to be properly cared for to regenerate.
When we are young our human growth hormone is highly present and it helps the skin regenerate naturally ( all though it’s harder due to chemicals in everything we eat and breed )
As of the age 25 it starts reducing and as we age we have to help the process by taking care. Exfoliating, sun protection, hydration and specific ingredients for each individual depending on their stage of life.
Sleep is essential as it is on the seventh hour of sleep our pituitary gland releases human growth hormone that is really important for all functions including our skin.

Personal hobbies/vacation spots.. /spiritual practice?
Yoga , meditation , working out , ballroom dancing and cooking love food is my special time
I love the water ! The Amalfi coast is a favorite , Israel is home sweet home where family reunions are special at least ones a year. Lanserhof health clinic for an educational spiritual and health experience , Laguna beach, just love it there. Verbier in the Swiss alps , climbing the mountains there is like being with angels and gods.
And hiking in nature is my special rare treat.

Your personal holistic approach to holistic life at home?
Waking up with gratitude prayer and meditation,going to sleep reflecting on my day with self awareness.
I touch people all day every day , it is important to transcend positive force.
Home cooking mostly organic food.
Shabbat diners and family time is essential

Doing my best to be on the journey of making this world a great living ground. I am forever on the quest to change  improve and grow.  Helping the ones that cross my path and LOVING is the greatest essential part of my life !!

Photos in this story by June Kim

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