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the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something:


As I transitioned from summer to fall, I found the theme that kept coming up for me is the idea of having more “quality” in my life.

Quality in all area’s,emotionally physically and materialistic.  Quality in friendships and relationships, quality in my work, my workouts, quality in food choices, and quality in my wardrobe.

This theme of wanting more quality in my wardrobe had me reevaluate the amount of  things I had in my closets that felt like “quantity” and unnecessary things that were taking up space.

It was time to purge again. I love purging because of the renewed feeling when I’m able to make space for newness in my life.

My system of purging involves  making piles that go to consignment stores that resell things of value. I always leave the things I think my daughters would want to have a look at in a pile before giving them over to the consigners. Consigning is a win win because you get money back for your giveaways and because it’s a conscious way of recycling clothing.  It makes me happy to know that someone else is making use of the clothing I’ve let go of.


This season I decided I’d rather have less quantity and more quality in my wardrobe so I might have less pieces but there  will be pieces of greater value. I decided to invest in some key pieces that would be classic, less trendy and last a longer time because of their classic chic style.

I headed over to Celine’. One of my most favorite ready to wear brands for their chic French aesthetic. Phoebe Philo is the British fashion designer behind Celine. In 2014 she was named by Time Magazine as amongst the world’s 100 most influential people. In 2008 she transformed the Celine’ brand into a global phenomenon almost overnight.

“Women should have choices, and women should feel good in what they wear.” Phoebe Philo

Celine garments drape just perfectly on my body and so when I do feel like splurging on a piece I always feel beautiful and chic when I have Celine on. The clothes are luxe in fabrics and speak for themselves. My approach is to choose a fashion statement piece and then something more classic and non assuming and juxtapose them with something super casual to fit my lifestyle.

Take time to reflect on how you can make space for more quality in your life for more joy this Fall.



Photos by Anton Lombardi


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