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Recognizing our Energy Awareness

_99B8542There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it. ~Elizabeth A. Behnke

Our bodies are composed of energy fields.

Each day we encounter a wide range of energies, both positive and negative. Positive energy includes compassion, courage, forgiveness and faith. Negative energy includes fear, anger, hopelessness and shame. It’s  important to be aware of energy so we aren’t  affected by situations or people who drain our energy or are energy vampires.

Emotions are a stunning expression of our energy, the “vibe”we give off. We register these with intuition. We sense the vibration around us. Some people feel good to be around. They improve our mood and vitality. Others are draining; we instinctively want to get away. We categorize positive energy as “healthy” and negative as “toxic.”Even a “subtle energy” can be felt inches or feet from the body, though it‘ s invisible. Indigenous cultures honor this energy as a life force. In Chinese medicine it‘ s called Chi, a vitality that‘ s essential to health.

With developing intuition, we learn that as one begins to open up to it, they start to get a sense of the bliss, joy and pleasure that is all around them. When we are distracted with our own problems or stress, it’ s difficult to let that much pleasure in. With quieting down and clearing out, we can then develop intuition and awareness of energy so we can inherently sense the ecstasy that is everywhere. It could be in the flowers, trees, the wind – the forces of nature. Part of opening to this energy is going further than your head, or the mechanical brain, and tapping into your intuition and sensing the larger universe, including nature, so you can learn to surrender to the bliss that is all around us.

Are you wondering if you are sensitive to energy fields?

Consider these situations in which you were aware of energy that you could not see with your physical eyes:

1 Have you ever walked into a room and felt the mood of the room coming from the people inside, without knowing what the conversation is about?

2 Have you ever walked into a building and felt uncomfortable with no apparent reason as to why you are feeling this way, but wanted to get out as soon as possible?

3 Have you ever met someone for the first time and immediately felt uncomfortable and preferred not to be around them, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, warmed up to someone immediately and found yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible in their company?

If you have ever taken a tai chi or other type of martial arts class, one of the first exercises you learn isto sense your personal chi/energy field. Students are taught how to feel the energy radiating off the body and how to harness the energy between their hands, forming it into a ball. They are also taught deep breathing exercises in order to raise the energy field and expand it. These lessons connect directly into the auric field and are a great way to connect with your personal energy.


Tips on healing energy and recharging your energy when feeling deflated:

Take Deep breaths:
When in a “negative”or“toxic” situation, try to center down and take a few deep breaths.

Meditate with intention:
Set an intention to clear out negative energy and welcome positive energy in and take a few minutes to meditate. Take five slow inhalations in, hold and breathe out. Repeat for a few minutes.

Salt your shower
“Salt baths are more than just indulgent,” says Eden Clark, an energy medicine practitioner based inLaguna Beach, CA. “After a heavy day, or if you’ re really emotional, run a hot bath and put in two to three cups of Dead Sea salt to relax and feel better.” While naturally occurring Dead Sea salt has a higher mineral content, Epsom Salt works, too.

Take a visual cleansing shower:
Close your eyes in a warm shower and visualize yourself in a beautiful setting with a rainbow of colors showering you down. With this rainbow stream, imagine the colors washing off the negative vibrations and toxicity literally washing off into the drain of your shower.

Turn your worries into smoke:
When you come home feeling down about something that happened, light a candle. One that is white in color is preferable. White candles symbolize purity. They clear negative energy, protect, bring peace and enhance spirituality.

Ground yourself/Head outside:
 The fresh oxygen, open space, and presence of plants (even just a few) is grounding, energy-expanding and connecting, If you can, allow your bare feet to touch dirt or grass for extra energy benefits. You’ ll absorb negatively charged electrons from the soil, which balance positively charged free radicals that may lead to inflammation.
Sweat it out of your system:
While exercise gives you a hit of mood-lifting chemicals like endorphins, it also affects you energetically. By working out, you’ re moving your energy, or your chi medicine. Holistic therapies like acupuncture and acupressure also aim to get your chi flowing and clear blockages, but hitting the gym is a great way to promote proper flow on a regular basis. Yoga practice is wonderful for clearing out and recharging.

Smudging, the practice of lighting a plant like dried sage and circling it around a space or your body, is the energetic equivalent of opening up your windows and airing out the house. When you light sage, that smoke is the cleansing agent that clears your energy field. Imagine the smoke dissolving any heaviness in your body. If you’ refamiliar with your chakras, you can bring it near those areas to clear them out.

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