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The Morning Ritual of Designer Rita Ghanime

Rita Ghanime is the Los Angeles based designer of Made with Love and is also a stylist and trend innovator. Her garments are sewn with intention for each of her client’s to manifest and feel empowered as they slip on their uniquely designed Kimono. Rita’s devotion to her daily spiritual practice including Kundalini yoga, meditation that integrates mantras, chanting, and breath-work with movements to raise vibrations and consciousness attribute to the integrity of her work and soul purpose. My first experience was a Made w Love Kimono made for me a few years back, that I meditated in daily. The unfolding manifestation’s and  high vibe Love that followed, was just the beginning of the journey for me and now I own an array of beautiful Kimono’s designed with so much meaning.

Have a look into Rita’s inspiring morning routine below.

My Morning Routine feels like this…

I wake up at 6 am, flick on my set of pink Christmas lights that stay in my room all year round. It feels like love and my room glows! I turn on a mantra (now listening to one by Guru Sing ‘Ong So Hung’ ) to permeate my room in it’s vibration. I light a candle and maybe some incense on my beside alter, then wash my face- I love Recherche Beaute cashmere cream wash. I then set my tea kettle on and wait to fill my favorite Yogi Green Tea Antioxidant in an oversize mug. This whole prep process takes about 15 minutes and it’s my ritualistic prelude to my meditation. Once I settle in front of my alter, I sit on a lambskin rug my Indigo Lab yogi family gave me (they all signed it for my birthday). I choose a few crystals to hold in each hand, or place them on my body and sit quietly for a few minutes and let the mantra that I played earlier run its course. Once silence fills my space. I just focus on my breath and breathe as deeply and consciously as I can. I love Kundalini. So after sitting for about 5-20 minutes in silence, I do some Kundalini mantra meditations. I am currently doing So Purkh- a powerful 30 minute mantra recitation that women do to elevate men in their lives. Its my way of praying and devoting love and healing to others. Sometimes I jot down thoughts in a note book, and lately have been calling my son into my room to pull angel cards with me. He loves this. And 9/10 times gets Arch Angel Michael.

Taking an hour to myself every morning is a slice of time that I have been carving out for the past 7 years in this particular manner…   Ever since I divorced and re-created my sanctuary for my soul to realign.

Obstacles? If I sleep in, or am sick- my morning routine is usually replaced by me honoring that part of me that needs the rest/sleep… If my son is sick. Or if I have a (brand-new) lover that I am allowing myself to be distracted by. But just that once. Next time they can sleep while I do my thing…

I try to go bed during the week by 10:30/11 max. A languid sensual bath and then maybe a little reading sets the tone for my dreamland voyage. Currently reading ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Michael Singer (author of Untethered Soul). I also love to read intuitively books over again- and open up to randomly highlighted pages in the morning when I wake up for a specific message.

No alarm clock. Just my own natural rhythm. I feel when its time to wake up.

After my hour of meditation/grounding/prayer and introspection… I jump into mommy mode- and take care of getting my son ready and off to school. Thats from 7-8. After drop off, I head over to either a workout class (La Barre Belle) or the park to move my body, sweat, stretch and connect with my body. My post-shower and post-exercise obsession is my breakfast. I make a cult-worthy smoothie bowl every morning that has wild blueberries, kale, ginger, banana, ice cubes (to make it thick) tumeric, and a vanilla plant based protein. My sleepover mates and guests look forward to it as much as I do and miss it even more than they miss me when they leave. I could eat this every day for the rest of my life. It’s desert for breakfast. It’s kinda a philosophy of life- starting your day on a sweet tone. I love myself like a lover would love me, and then some times 100. x Rita

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