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Robyn Berkley on Living Her Process

I discovered Live The Process collection a few years ago and it immediately became my top choice for athletic apparel. Once I started wearing LTP, it became difficult for me to wear any other activewear. The chic yet classic aesthetic and the seamless, beautiful fabrics feel so aligned with The Joyful Approach lifestyle. Whether I’m working out, doing yoga or running errands, I always feel beautiful wearing Live The Process.


Live the Process also offers a wealth of wellness information, holistic inspiration and lifestyle conversations through its online content platform that has become my go-to site. I got the chance to sit down with Robyn Berkley, LTP’s founder, who was kind enough to share her process in creating Live The Process.


Interview with Robyn

When was Live The Process born?

I would say the concept was born when I felt there was no where to get activewear that would make be feel beautiful and empowered while functional. Secondly, there was no space on the internet that was educational and experiential in a modern luxury way showcasing “wellness.” The idea and concept was a thought that was manifested and launched about 3.5 years ago.

Can you tell us about your background in fashion and further your journey on to a spiritual path?

I was always into fashion and always wanted to work within the industry except it was extremely closed and private unlike today, where there are so many different career options within fashion. My aunt who created iconic scents for fashion brands was so inspiring to me at a young age. Weirdly I came to represent the modern day version of her called 12.29, who also created the Live The Process brand scent. My love of clothing, models, photographers, magazines translated to my career in PR for luxury lifestyle brands, which I had been doing for twenty years. There I gained priceless experiences and have worked with some of the most amazing creatives to date. I translated all of my knowledge into my own vision of what I thought was missing. My spiritual path was always there, as my whole life I was interested first in religion, culture, history and the purpose of what my life “meant.” I then met my last boss/partner who introduced me to spirituality on a greater scale, which I began to incorporate into my life. This love for knowledge and being connected to something encouraged my newfound obsession for yoga and chanting as I never felt better after a class. In leaving my last job, I decided to depend my physical and spiritual practice and get certified to become a teacher. I knew that this was going to be the next phase to my life and whatever I would do it would be based around the concept of spirituality and nutrition/wellness.

What was the driving force that inspired you to create Live The Process?

There was something missing in this realm six years ago. I felt connected to this way of life and idealism and wanted to bring my knowledge to not just my friends but to others who were at the beginning or in the midst of their spiritual path.

What are the fundamental values of Live The Process? 

The fundamentals are based on our pillars: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Transformational


What does a holistic lifestyle look like for you?

One that works for you. For me I need to move my body in some capacity everyday, whether it be TM or walking meditation, or washing my dishes. Something that I do where I am breathing evenly and am not thinking about all things I have happening. Spending time with friends and family and working hard as that is inspiring to me and being able to continue to grow something and watch it evolve. And of course being able to find downtime and relax and get massages, facials anything that makes me feel good and lastly, eating well and feeling nourished.

What is Joyful in your life right now? 

Bodhi my new Frenchie. He brings love and enlightenment to everyone.

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