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Sallie Mishaan and The Meaning of Flower’s


Meet Sallie Mishaan. A cornucopia of organic beauty and passionate artistic expression.

I’ve been very close to  my niece Sallie  from when she was just born. I’ve watched her take her first steps and proudly witnessed her evolution to date. Throughout her year’s observing her imaginative play, and watching  her creative interaction with nature throughout always fascinated me. Her creativity,talent and abilities are representative of her pure  essence transcending her work with integrity and with a holistic approach.

Sallie has created the most beautiful arrangements of flowers curated with meaningful and delicate gifts for me.
I recently commissioned Sallie  to create a special center piece for a 10 year anniversary charity benefit and she surprised me and surpassed my expectations with an extraordinary sculpted architectural installation with branches and flowers.

I am always excited to see what Sallie’s up to and what’s next for her.

Get to know this beauty and contact Sallie for consultations with flower gifting or arranging.

Name Sallie Mishaan

Profession  Artist, Private Art instructor, aspiring Floral Designer/Floral Artist

Parsons School of Design.  I have a background in fine arts and design. I have been giving art lessons for the past several years. My students range from age 4 to 84. I  am so grateful I get to inspire my students by providing them with the skills to create art.

How are flowers an expression of art?

Flowers can be used just like any other medium to create art. They are so rich in color and texture just like any other medium, however flowers are unique because they transform over time and the art you create with them evolves and eventually dies and can only be immortalized in your memory or by taking a picture.

I connect to floral art on a much deeper level than any other kind of art because flowers are living and they are temporary so I find that when I have flowers around I appreciate them so much and love them so deeply because I know soon that there existence is fleeting. where as a painting or a drawing or a sculpture can be alive in a metaphorical sense but in reality they are not living objects.




What is your creative process with creating flower arrangements?

I am always inspired by the current flowers that are in season. The fun thing about flowers are that most of them aren’t available year round so its always a fun to work with whats available in that moment and build upon the new flowers in season.

What are some of your favorite flowers?

My favorite flowers are always changing but my absolute favorite always are Ranunculus, and at the moment I’m obsessed with Poppies and Anemone’s


What are some benefits with working with flowers?

Flowers are so beautiful colorful and organic in there own right so they don’t require much manipulation to make them do what you want them to do in your presentation, also because they are so organic sometimes the way one flower might work within the presentation is a surprise and completely unexpected.

How do flowers express a JOYFUL way of living?

When I first moved into my own home all, I owned was a bed and a couple of chairs and the apartment felt super empty and cold. The first time my mother came over she bought me a vase and some flowers immediately the space warmed up and felt like home. Those flowers not only warmed up my space they brought me so much joy during a difficult transition period learning to live alone. Since I have moved in to my apartment 6 years ago I have never not had a living plant or flower here bringing me joy. Flowers and plants also give me purpose an responsibility to care for something to keep them alive which in turn instills the same care in myself.




Why is the gift of flowers so meaningful?

I think the gift of flowers are so classic and can be so personal. I know that before I started to arrange my own flowers, I would take any opportunity to go to my local florist to buy someone flowers. I always got more joy out of gifting flowers than keeping them for myself. The response to the flowers I have gifted has always been utter joy and appreciation, people sometimes have there breath taken away by their beauty, Flowers are magical and healing i like to think of them as natural mood elevators.

What is the dream of your future working with flowers?

First I hope to gain more experience and learn from the best in the industry here in NYC. If given the opportunity, ultimately I would like to have my own flower business specializing in floral arts, creating large installations. Collaborating with designers and artists and even incorporate flowers into architecture and urban planning.
I am hopeful and excited about the future.

From ancient days long before words complicated what we say to each other flowers have been our messengers invested with our most cherished feelings. 




The flowers in this  arrangement by Sallie are Ranunculus Thistles and Daffodils and Tulips

Ranunculus is a small charming flower said in Victorian times to tell a lover that he or she was rich in charm and attraction.

The Daffodil stood for chivalry in Victorian England perhaps because it sometimes stood in the snow waiting for the rest of the flowers to spring.

In Persia to give a Red Tulip was to declare your love. The black center of the tulip was to represent the lover’s heart burned to a coal by passion. To give a Yellow Tulip was to declare your love and hopelessly.

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