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Shanti Shack


Meet Brownie Brown, the creator and founder of The Shanti Shack.

Shanti Shack has been open since 2010 in Williamsburg Brooklyn, a  Vegetarian Cantina where brownie’s intuitive innovative approach to the quality of life movement has shaped the shack into a highly sought after culinary and life changing exploration. Her flair to individually connect the personality of the ingredient to the transformation of the consumer is the energy that has successfully captured and carved this enterprising health company unique.

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Focusing on fresh home style grub and upscale juices with haute cuisine, such as handcrafted fresh sandwiches, salads and hot plates. The shanti shack is a brand story that is moving from little to go cantina to got to go seductive house of health and heart.


Prior to creating the shanti shack, brownie worked at Le Cirque  in all line positions and became executive assistant to Chef Sottha Khunn at Match Uptown in all line positions and became chef de cuisine at the Mark Hotel in garde manager and entremetier positions. Furthermore her extensive expertise  at Elle magazine lends for her impeccable experience and  adds to her style and her business skills, amongst her cuisine expertise.

The Shanti Shack attracts the all types of people embarking on a conscientious way of eating that still tastes delicious and is not specifically categorized. Shanti Shack aims to deliver the tantalizing rx of feel good experience to nurture balance back.

Beautiful models Martha Hunt, Michelle  Ouellet and Sheila Marquez  are all regulars at the Shack, or “Shacker’s” care about putting the best of ingredients into their bodies to stay clean and bring their bodies into balance.

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They created this go fund me to help Brownie initiate the expansion  of the shanti shack to a second location in manhattan and tap into the bustling streets of manhattan with its savvy forward thinking working professionals who want fast, tasty, upgraded healthy lunch options. And furthermore use the Manhattan expansion as a flagship to global and west coast  locations.Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 6.54.12 AM


We all need more places to be fed with clean, tasty  ingredients so please contribute to this wonderful go fund me and support Brownie support you and your families  with nourishing tantalizing eats.


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