The Matrix

I formulated the Matrix with the intention of co- creation, conscious alignment with essence of spirit and likeminded individuals to empower their full expression to blossom their gifts of service and share in our mutual awakening.

The Joyful Approach Circle of Life

The synergy we draw from joining, uplifting one another with resonance, & spiritual practice draws forth the brilliance of each individual and results in higher outcomes for greater coherence.

Although the intention was premeditated from a while back, The Matrix was born during the first week that the world took a Global Pause in March of 2020. The calling was to ignite the pilot as our collective was in emergent need for assistance as we faced a pandemic and planetary collapse. We are experiencing the most radical times shifting paradigms, and expanding dimensions. We need conscious leaders aligned with integral values and heart coherence.

Here at the Matrix we cultivate an ethos of values under:

  • Equality
  • Empathy
  • Inclusion
  • Spaciousness
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility

And in addition:

We honor the divinity within each of us as we  moving past the egoic edges I encourage empowerment of one another and a space of support for the Matrix tribe.

While bending realities paradigms of patriarchy and coming to oneness – the innate qualities stemming from spiritual practices and inner work for self evolution moving from ego to essence

-Joy Dushey

Amanda January

Amanda January

I would like to offer your following a group 30 minute togetherness meditation to encourage community and love via Zoom.

I believe all people should feel empowered to feel GOOD. We have the ability to feel connected, loved and optimal and I believe in our society we've been told consciously and unconsciously otherwise. By connecting and empowering, I want to help people to feel like their best, most sparkly, radiant selves.

Hi, I am Amanda and I am so excited to be on this journey with you. Coming from a teaching background in New York City, I am passionate about incorporating health and wellness into my clients lives in attainable and fulfilling ways. I believe so strongly in connection, community and love to build that with my clients. I am a certified health coach, yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner. Combining this with my vast experience and education in mental health and education, I provide my clients with a wellrounded and holistic approach to their wellness journey.

I became interested in living and creating a holistic lifestyle over ten years ago. As a young, emerging woman, I experienced a lot of anxiety in my life. While studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I began to see my own first mental health counselor to address my issues with anxiety. I quickly was referred to a doctor who prescribed me a high dosage of anti-anxiety medicine after only spending a few minutes learning about me and what I was experiencing. The fact that medication was the first option alarmed me, and I began to look at other options for my own healing.

I began to explore holistic healing, and thinking deeply about my clinical based program I was enrolled in, where I felt that individuals/clients were seen for their symptoms/diagnosis, not for the root causes of unbalance they may be experiencing. My passion for whole health and healing began with myself, successfully treating myself for anxiety through exercise, herbals, and other beautiful practices. My passion is to enable all people, especially young women, to take agency over their own health and healing. This path has led to me becoming a certified yoga instructor, health coach, Reiki practitioner, crystal healer and EMT facilitator. I am always excited to learn more to incorporate into my practice and share with my clients.

Keelyn Brown

Keelyn Brown

Group Breathwork Session zia Zoom. Time and Date TBD.

IG @keelyn.brown IG @theinnerbeacon

Hi! I’m Keelyn. I am a breathwork and reiki guide, commercial airline pilot, adventure seeker, travel enthusiast and lover of holistic lifestyle practices. My free spirit’s passion for travel, culture and adventure is uniquely blended with being anchored in holistic lifestyle practices, grounding rituals and healing modalities to live consciously and with intention.

My personal growth journey began in 2017 in the mountains of Sedona, Arizona. My journey was propelled forward by a series of challenging life events that brought me face to face with my own shadow, forced me to slow down to feel and heal harmful patterns and limiting beliefs and get clarity around relationships that were no longer serving my highest good. Through divine choreography, and the guidance of a wonderful girlfriend, I landed in Sedona and embarked on my first spiritual retreat. I learned that although there were a few turns and twists I wasn’t expecting on my path I was exactly where I needed to be to learn and grow from these life-changing experiences. This was an awakening to a holistic and spiritual way of life.

It was there in the red rock mountains through breathwork, an active pranayama meditation practice, I was able to slow down and truly experience what it felt like to be in my body for the first time, connected to my mind and spirit. I returned home to New York City and knew there was no other way to live. Over the years, my personal journey towards connecting to my true authentic self, trusting my inner guidance system and cultivating self love and acceptance has led me to extraordinary experiences and to meet incredible teachers, mentors and friends.

In 2020 I took a leap of faith and began training as an intuitive breathwork guide. It was through my intimate inner work and guidance from extraordinary mentors that I created The Inner Beacon. We take on so many layers of pain, shame and programming about who or how we “should” be. I am passionate about holding space for anyone who is ready to connect to their authentic self and shed limiting beliefs through the power of breathwork meditation and holistic lifestyle and grounding practices.

As an international airline pilot we are able to identify airports all over the world at night by a rotating beacon. Using the same methodology to our own inner landscape, even during our times of darkness there is always a light we can rely on for guidance. Our own Inner Beacon.

Dana Levit

Dana Levit

Helping to build strength from home through virtual classes and lessons via my newsletter.

IG @dana_levit

To help individuals realize their strength and power and feel good in their bodies through spirited, focused movement.

There are those moments in our life where we feel true inspiration and called to do something greater but like many, we are scared to digress from the path we are on because we don’t want to face unknowns or risk failure. But that “thing,” whatever it is, usually imprints itself in our memory. We fantasize about it and if we are brave enough, maybe we chase it.

The first time where I can vividly remember being called to a path was my freshman year of college. I was at the gym one afternoon and in an effort to distract myself from how much time was left on the elliptical, I got lost in people watching. A trainer was working with a girl who looked defeated. He gave her the heavier weights and a silent nod believing with complete certainty that she was capable. She shook her head in disbelief yet somehow managed to lift those damn things. How amazing would it be, I thought, to help people do THAT, to become stronger while being their #1 cheerleader?

Eight years later, with that question still reverberating around my mind, I left Marketing. I think in hindsight I knew that being in corporate America wasn’t my truth but yet I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to be some high powered business executive, or so I thought. What would I do next? I didn’t know. But I knew I wanted to be in a field where I could connect with people in a more meaningful way. So what did I do? I started trying a whole lot of things- life coaching, volunteering, nannying, and even completing three semesters of Occupational Therapy pre-requisites. And still, nothing seemed to click.

A long time pilates teacher of mine encouraged me to go through the first training just to “try it.” In my seemingly never ending quest for answers, I jumped in head first because I STILL had no idea what I wanted to do. What I didn’t realize was how much I would fucking love this work. I love working with people. I knew that in my heart to be true all along. Seeing people transform their mind and their bodies is one of the most rewarding feelings. Receiving messages of gratitude lights me up!

So here is my message to you: I am not telling you to leave your job but what I am telling you is listen to the voice inside of you. When you feel lit up from the inside out, notice where you are and what you are doing. THIS is your greatest gift. THIS is what the world needs from YOU. It is never too late to share your gifts nor is it ever too late to chase what your heart has been telling you.

Lema Sultan

Lema Sultan

Akashic Records Reading (30 Minutes) for 4 people, 2 people per week.

IG @lema.sultan Acuity Scheduling

I believe that women have the power within us to co-create the life that we desire from a state of empowerment and awareness by cultivating self-awareness, believing in ourselves, understanding the purpose of our experiences, and incorporating self-awareness tools in our day to day lives.

Hi! My name is Lema. I’m a single mother to my nine year old daughter, and work full-time in the New York city corporate finance world. I believe in order to be of service to anyone, we have to start with being of service to ourselves and cultivate self-awareness. The most important relationship we have, is with ourselves. After many years of being non stop “on the go” like an anxious hamster on a wheel that so many of us have grown accustomed to especially working mothers, I was very close to being burned out. Something had to change, and for change to occur in my day-to-day life, I had to change within. I threw myself into different healing modalities with child like curiosity to learn how to cultivate self-awareness and release blockages that were hindering my growth. Over the next few years, I read numerous books, attended trainings and classes to learn more about these modalities that immensely helped me reduce the anxiety and operate from a state of trust. Some of these healing modalities I have trained for are Reiki (Master), Breath work, and the Akashic Records.

“The Akashic Records contains the record of each individual soul and its journey.” – Linda HoweDo you need clarity with career, relationships, health, purpose, or potential? Using the Akashic Records, I can offer a higher perspective to your experiences. The Akashic Records can also help to uncover blockages, and can provide guidance on how to release them so that you feel empowered. The purpose of accessing the records is to uplift, guide and provide a higher perspective to your experiences. The Akashic Records provides guidance and a higher perspective, but it leaves the decision where it belongs, with you. This is the ultimate form of empowerment, when you make your own decisions based on self-trust.

I believe that women have the power within us to co-create the life that we desire from a state of empowerment by cultivating self-awareness, believing in ourselves, understanding the purpose of our experiences, and incorporating self-awareness tools in our day to day lives.

Lidia Garcia

Lidia Garcia

Lidia is offering a 15-min guided hypnosis recording for relaxation and restoring selfconfidence.

Access the Offer

My practice focuses on reconnecting women with their inner Chingona (bad ass woman). Using holistic approaches that include hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness, and habit-alteration, I create an environment to overcome fears and self doubts. The result is more confidence, self awareness, and lust for life’s achievements.

I am a Master of Social Work (Columbia University) and Master Hypnotherapist (Hypnosis and Motivation institute, HMI). My Lust for Life is born from a deep cultural identity as a Chingona. This identity of confidence gives me the ability to share a strong, optimistic outlook with the people around me. I believe in building others up and experiencing life as an on-going opportunity for growth, knowledge, and improvement.

My approach to building confidence draws from my athletic background. The perseverance, dedication, and highs and lows of athleticism provide lessons for a full expression of life’s ambitions.

I am a cyclist and a runner, competing with the all-women’s elite team: Distance Project NYC. My experience as an athlete informs a sport-driven approach toward teaching greater selfawareness and self-love in order to embrace a Lust for Life.



I'm offering a free 15 minute health coaching consultation. Together we will go through your health history and design empowered goals together and create a program to fit your needs.

Glow by Sacha

"I help busy women improve their nutrition and create a healthy lifestyle in quick & easy ways."

I’m a holistic health and nutrition coach, occupational therapist, Reiki Level I certified, and wellness and fitness expert. I found my passion for health and wellness through my own journey to lead a healthier, happier life. My passion for helping others reach their health, fitness and life goals has been the main driving force in my becoming a health coach and working as an occupational therapist for 10 years. I realized the important role nutrition plays in wellness, however, along my own personal journey, I discovered that there is so much more to living a life glowing from within than just nutrition.

My journey hasn’t been one without struggle. In my late teens and 20’s, I fell into a deep eating disorder where I struggled HARD. I covered and hid my emotions, intense feelings and traumas by numbing them out through my disorder. I was filled with shame, embarrassment and held onto this deep secret for years until I had enough. After hitting my rock bottom (multiple times), I made the brave decision to heal myself using a team of extraordinary practitioners, healers, doctors and what I like to call my angels. Along the way, I realized that the only way to heal is by change and I made a commitment to myself to be a lifelong student who is always learning, growing and changing. Fast forward, I enrolled in IIN(Institute for Integrative Nutrition) where I studied to become a health coach. I wanted to help empower women to make better nutrition choices but above that to help them understand the interconnectedness of all the areas in our lives and how they impact the way we approach nutrition. There is so much more to our beings than the food we eat.

My holistic approach to lifestyle and well-being optimization involves not only nutrition, but also relationships, exercise, career, spirituality and more, which are just as important to your health as the food you eat. Together, we will look beyond nutrition, seeking to bring balance between primary and secondary food. As a health coach I partner with clients to create transformative growth and success with the proper tools, guides and sustainable accountability. I will help you address the challenges that stand in your way and reconnect with your goals.

Michelle Bogorad

Michelle Bogorad

Free Monthly Virtual Women CirclesWomen’s circles are gatherings of women for women with the intention of creating sacred beautiful spaces to connect with our own divine feminine energy and the energy of one another. There is extraordinary power that results when women come together to support, embrace and inspire each another as we move through life. Collectively we share and receive, grow and learn, laugh and cry, celebrate and mourn, release and replenish. It is here, in this space, that we can feel safe to explore the depths of ourselves and safe to share our stories and reflections. Dates, themes and contact info are viewable on the site.

Woo Woo Working Women

Woo Woo Working Women is an online lifestyle space with curated content on wellness, career, spirituality and style. The purpose is to provide access to expansive, inspiring women through interviews as well as post articles with tools that assist women in recognizing their fullest, most beautiful lives. We want all women, seeking to live a high-vibrancy live, to see it is possible and fun to be spiritual, healthy and professionally aligned.

Hello. I am Michelle. Mishka. Mich. Misha. Michellochka. I have even more passions that I do nicknames. As a true Aquarian, I was born a rapt observer, unremitting question-asker and student of the world. My journey has seemingly always been in search of inspiration, wonder and purpose. I love learning all the ways I can grow in order to show up as my best self and live the most beautiful, highvibrancy life possible.

A life-long New Yorker I received my MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from NYU and spent the next 15 years in global hr for some of the biggest media and tech companies in the world. I worked hard and became recognized for my initiative and creativity in designing efficient processes, driving best practices, and launching solutions that led to improved productivity and employee engagement.

As my career progressed, I continued to spend massive amounts of energy on my personal and spiritual growth. Connecting back to myself was vital for me and I became enthralled with figuring out how to balance it all. Combine that with just being a total learning dork and you get a woman on a mission to learn everything about wellness, spirituality, health and productivity. More than anything I love learning from inspiring women. I have always gravitated towards magnetic, industrious women with the ability to balance career aspirations with strong spiritual and wellness practices.

Where where those “woo woo” working women? I made it my mission to find extraordinary women whose every day purpose is to grow and expand; their businesses and organizations, their body and health, their families and relationships, and their spirit and souls. Thats how Woo Woo Working Women came into the world.

Michelle Cassidy, C.W.C

Michelle Cassidy, C.W.C

I help high-achieving women get back control of their health and their schedules. I coach women to get off the hamster wheel and get into the driver seat!


Hi I’m Michelle. Being raised by a single mother in a small Massachusetts town, I was taught the value of hard work. “No one will ever take care of you. You need to work hard to take care of yourself”. And so, began my life of hard work, often at the expense of my own well-being.

I skipped college because I couldn’t afford it and instead saved up and bought my first condo at 19. Eventually I gravitated toward city life and found myself living in Boston in a small apartment and working hard at my new found non-profit fundraising career. I worked all sorts of crazy hours and rarely had the time to much else. As I approached the ripe old age of 30, I started wondering if I would ever find the money, or the guts, to follow my dream and move to Big Apple. Luckily, my best friend had enough guts for the both of us and three months later we were packing our belongings into a Uhaul and driving to New York City.

After years of hard work, I was able to get some breaks…earning a demanding 6-figure corporate job in New York City. Despite making more money, I still didn’t think I could afford to think about my health…not that I didn’t have the money. I felt pressured to maintain the “work hard and play hard” NYC lifestyle. I tried to be everything to everybody. I hardly thought about my own emotional needs, let alone my nutritional needs. I didn’t think I could justify spending the time to take care of me. Boy, was I wrong. I spent months not feeling well…sluggish, bloated, feeling pain in my stomach, experiencing loss of appetite, and some other nasty symptoms that make for awkward dinner conversation. After multiple rounds of medical tests, I was finally given a diagnosis. “Michelle, good news and bad news…The bad news: You have ulcerative colitis. It’s an autoimmune disease and there’s no cure. The good news: You can manage it by taking medication forever.” I was speechless. I hated the idea of taking medicine for the rest of my life. But after spending years fighting my way up the corporate ladder, I was stubborn. I refused to go down without a fight. Out of necessity, I started putting my own needs first. I did my best to keep stress in check. I made simple but profound changes to my eating habits. I started exercising. Three years later, I went in for a colonoscopy. Now, it was my doctor who was in shock. He told me I had basically healed myself. He couldn’t believe what a difference these changes had made in my health.

And so began my passion for all things health and wellness. Several years later I quite my high demanding job and got certified as a Holistic Wellness Coach. I’ve found my passion in helping women to prioritize themselves in order to live the life they have always dreamed.