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The Month Of Love

I’m so happy to be in the month of February as it represents the month of Love. Maybe it’s because my sun is conjunct Venus or maybe it’s just that I just love, love energy. I ’m a visual person, therefore, I associate this month with all hues and shades of red and pink. I collect Rose quartz crystals and suggest using them intuitively more throughout this month!

I will also be sharing some of my favorite healing, movies, songs, and poems to tune into during this month of love! Click Here ( for more on my article about The Month of Love

The power of Breathwork allows for great transformation in our lives. I’ve now created a beautiful convenient tool for you to have to practice with in the comforts of your own home. I guide you step by step with an in-depth intro to Breathwork. So, whether you’re looking to have continuity with emotional cleansing or trying Breathwork for the very first time, click here ( or the image above for the link to the audio I created with intention and reiki love!

At the moment, I think of love, and I’m vibing on Bebel Gilberto, D’angelo’s “Really Love”.. and I’m really into Trevor Hall for his refreshing universal message of love. His music is an eclectic mix of acoustic rock, reggae, and Sanskrit chanting.
Listen Now (

A few of my favorite all time classic’s that stand out are Out of Africa, Lost in Translation, Brokeback Mountain, and one for the family… Love Actually.


“I wish I can show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your own being” -Hafiz



A Ritual For Self Care

This is a beautiful recipe for a luxurious bath I was given by Mama Medicine’s, Deborah Hanekamp after a session with her. Taking a salt bath has so many benefits for healing providing minerals detoxification and relaxation. Adding herbs, incense, rose petals, crystals and essential oils are potent ingredients for added healing and energy clearing.

To read more on self-love rituals Click Here! (

 A Valentines Day Ritual for Self Care


*3 Rosemary Sprigs
*Petals of 4 Rose Stems
*Rosemary essential oil and Open your Heart blend from David Elliott
*Green obsidian /Labradorite and Rose quartz crystals
*2 cups Himalayan Pink sea salt for soaking
*Place all ingredients in a warm bath and enjoy for an average of 20 minutes!

Reflecting on our Joyful Event on Self Love

A Very Big Thank You to Everyone who Attended the Self-Love Event! The Energy in the Room was just So Amazing!
I just wanted to share with you all some Joyful Love, from the previous event…

“For me, this was the most powerful event that I have taken with you so far. I had some vivid dreams and a lot of intense emotion came up which I was able to release and transmute through the tools that I use – self-love, expressing the emotion, prayers for help and guidance, crystals, breath awareness, EFT, etc. For me, the main thing is to continue to love myself and even love the emotion as it is flowing – for it’s through love that it releases and how the karma gets cleared and how insight comes forth.”

“… There has been a lot of heavy things going on in my life, and coming to these events helps me unburden myself”

“I’m totally new to this, I just want to find new ways to care for myself and practice self-love.”

“This has been calling to me for a while, I’ve been trying to get through it on my own, but I realized self-love is knowing when to surrender”

“For me, Breathwork is the release, and self-love is the aftercare”

“Whenever I need some extra fine-tuning in my life, there Joy is”

*If you’re looking for a shift, or some kind of transformation, to heal something or have more access to love joy and personal freedom, stay tuned for our next event! Once again, thank you for giving me the Key to open my own door! -Joy

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