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The Morning Routine of Michael Babel; Life Coach & Intuitive Counselor

Michael Babel has been my life coach and intuitive guide over the past few years, but the value of the work we’ve covered makes it feel more like a lifetime. He has been extremely instrumental in so many area’s of the evolution of my process and therefore The Joyful Approach. We are honored to have Michael share his morning routine, tools and tips with a clever and refreshing perspective.

I wish I were a morning person, but the night calls to me!  So it’s imperative I have a strong morning routine to get me going and keep me grounded. The hour I wake-up varies based on the evening before, but the morning routine begins whenever the alarm goes off.


What is your morning routine:

My morning routine has changed up many times over the years, but the one I’ve been working with lately is called SAVERS. It’s an hour long ritual/practice that for me, covers all the bases. Each of these 6 categories gets 10 minutes of my attention/intention.


Silence (meditation)

Affirmations (including gratitudes, acknowledgments)

Visualization (creating my future)

Exercise  (slow, opening movement)

Reading  (Inspiring books/articles/poetry)

Scribing  (journaling)


What is your morning nourishment:

To be honest I’m not great about breakfast. I am terrific about coffee, I never seem to miss coffee. And a glass of room temperature lemon water. But when I do have breakfast I have two go-to meal choices 1. Fresh fruit (preferably organic and from the farmers market), cut-up into a bowl with plain organic fat free yogurt and a generous portion of pomegranate seeds on top  2. A cereal called Love Grown Power O’s. This is a delightful breakfast choice for me, because it has some of my favorite words in its title,  Love, Grow, and Power. Not only that, it’s made from beans, and is still somehow, inexplicably, chocolate. It’s kind of a miracle cereal.


Do you set an intention prior to your morning routine:

Yes sometimes, but not always. Intentions for me often have to do with what’s going on in my life at the moment. 1. I may have an ongoing intention related to something I’m struggling with for which I’m seeking a little Cosmic insight. 2. Something similar to intention setting I do is called ‘holding a thought.’  It’s for other people, particularly around something a loved one or client may be struggling with.
3. Sometimes I enjoy just being in the ritual, and allowing what wants to come through to do so as vibrantly as it will on its own.


How long has this routine been part of your life:

I’ve been working with this practice since mid-summer, about four months.


Are there any obstacles that get in the way of your most ideal morning routine:

Yes, the pressure of getting the day started. However, I recognize doing any practice on a regular basis feels like a pretty terrific accomplishment in todays busy world. Sometimes I will spend more time in meditation, or writing, and not get through all 6 categories. I keep the entire practice to an hour.


Do you have a morning workout routine: 

The E-part of SAVERS is for Exercise. It means getting my body moving. Usually it’s 10 minutes of stretching/yoga, going through an ashtanga/sun salutation routine. I don’t ‘workout’ in the morning, my body isn’t ready for that level of intensity until later in the day.


Do you have a morning meditation routine: 

The first 10 minutes of SAVERS, is Silence/meditation.


Do you also follow this routine on weekends or do you change some steps:

It depends, I often take weekends off from many things. But the important point for me in general is to continue with routines and practices as long as they feel supportive. When they become more drudge than joy, it’s time to switch them up.


Does travel or changing your environment get in the way of your routine: 

Yes, I travel between NYC/LA so my sleeping/waking times vary a lot. I nevertheless do my best to stay committed to this routine because continuity for me, is a source of support.


Anything else you would like to add:

Finding your routine and how you relate to it is crucial. As you can see from my history here, I allow there to be some flexibility in how I relate to mine, while still remaining committed and focused. Finding what feels supportive, nourishing, inspiring, and powerful to you, is what’s truly important.


If you’re interested in working with Michael, you can find out more here: Michael Babel 










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