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The Morrison Center



The Morrison Center was found by Dr.Jeffrey Morrison in 2004. Dr. Morrison, M.D., C.N.S. is a trained and board certified family practitioner. The Center was opened to help patients optimize their health and overcome disease through integrative medicine and nutrition.

Integrative medicine seeks to treat the whole person , the body, mind, spirit, and environment. The Morrison center thrives on promoting health and wellness through the treatment and prevention of disease. Dr. Morrison’s approach merges functional medicine and integrative medicine in assisting the innate healing properties of each patient through evolved technology and exciting new health enhancing treatments.


I’m featuring the Morrison Center because Dr.Morrison has been very influential in helping me overcome unresolved medical issues both with my health and with my athletic performance. With continuity of checking in and maintaining my visits to the center, I’ve had great success and experienced great results with boosting my immune system, feeling optimal and preparing for an athletic performance under the care of Dr. Morrison.

I also consulted with Dr. Morrison and Nutritionist Stephanie Mandel on a optimal regime before the NYC marathon to ensure I was getting the proper minerals and nutrition to support my body for the race and recovering. It definitely worked!

Some of the conditions treated at the Morison Center are :
~Anxiety / Stress
~Autoimmune diseases
~Cardiovascular disease
~Chronic fatigue syndrome
~Chronic digestive issues
~Environmental allergies
~`Gluten sensitivity
~Immune system weakness
~Irritable bowel syndrome
~Lyme Disease
~Weight Loss

Hormone Imbalances are treated naturally.


Nutritional Counseling:
Along With Dr. Morrison’s extensive background in sports performance and nutrition, his knowledgeable health coaches work with the patient to develop a personalized health plan and offer in-depth support.

Some therapies offered at the Morrison Center include:
~Allergy Testing and Treatment
~Intravenous / Intramuscular Therapy
~Health Coaching
~Neural Therapy: 
~Pain Management with Prolotherapy:
~Parasite Testing:
~Oral Supplement Protocols:
~Cranio Sacral Therapy:


The center is a beautiful penthouse,open bright,space, carefully feng shue’d and designed with Eastern philosophy in mind . The Friendly,optimistic staff and team do a great job to make sure you’re taken care of and comfortable.
Conveniently on premises is the blood lab,two IV/infusion waiting areas and an extensive supplement department stocked with the most current inventory of superb holistic supplements.



I am truly grateful to have found the Morrison Center and for the optimal care Dr.Morrison provides.

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