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The Pleasure of Hosting and a Catch Up with Sallie Mishaan

Hosting is one of my favorite pleasures in life. For me, hosting is about gathering friends and family at my home offering  nourishing foods in an environment suitable for connecting.

Setting the environment is always a  joyful  process for me as it gives me a chance to use my creativity with setting up depending on what I’m feeling. I have a collection of different tableware I’ve been collecting for years as well as a variety of placemats, tablecloth and napkin linens, napkin rings and flatware and glassware that I like to mix and match.



Once in a while I’ll create a theme for the night that dictates the setting.  Candles and music are key components and then there’s designing the menu based on new recipes from my library of cookbooks. One of my favorite highlights of  hosting is enhancing the environment with flowers.

I  always like to have some  fresh  flowers in my home for the simple reason that flowers makes me feel joyful. Research shows that having flowers around you can aid in concentration and brain function, reduces anxiety and improves relaxation and boosts moods.   I feel so fortunate that Sallie Mishaan, my talented niece is now in the  flower arranging business. Sallie has done some incredible work for me in the past when I asked for a favor, knowing whatever she come up with would be outrageously artistic. Now that Sallie has a flourishing flower business, she is my go to florist and it’s always so exciting to see what she creates for me.


 Here is a quit catch up on Sallie and the evolution of her growing business:

“My business has grown and taken shape unexpectedly when I first started arranging flowers last spring. I thought that I would continue to learn by getting hired by other florists to work at a flower shop or in a floral design studio. Fortunately my business took off immediately after I completed my  courses. I come from a very supportive large community based in Brooklyn and Manhattan and there was an immediate interest in my floral creations. My approach was simply to say yes and embrace the work. No matter how uncomfortable I felt I always pushed myself way beyond my comfort zone.  Sometimes I had no idea what I was doing, sometimes I felt confident but with time, the risks began to pay off and my business took shape before I could  realize what was happening. I had a full blown business and way more work than I could handle. It is such a blessing to be able to do what I love every day and have people respond to It and want to be part of It . I have worked with so many amazing people so far and got to be part of many exciting projects. I am confident that I am doing what I am meant to be doing and I can’t wait to see where this takes me.” Sallie Mishaan 

Enjoy the process of hosting at your home and take time to be creative with designing your event. Making lists of your guests, your menu,groceries and shopping for missing odds and ends is always helpful for staying organized. Whether you choose the flowers by yourself or hire a florist try and select ones that go along with the theme of your menu, and decor or table setting. The same goes for the music, choose ambient  music according to the theme.

For inspiration search websites like Pinterest or Eyeswoon or RealSimple.

Most importantly is to make it a joyful time!

Photos by Nihura Montiel.

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