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The Sharanam Yoga Project; a Mission to Heal Globally

Our Mission
Sharanam Yoga project is a yoga service initiative aiming to give access to the healing benefits of yoga and meditation in at­risk populations, impoverished communities, and trauma survivors.
The project will kick off in the Fall 2018 and continue over the course of 14 months in approximately 7 destinations across South America, Africa, Asia & Europe. We plan to settle for 8 weeks in each destinations and partner with non­profit organizations
to offer yoga to local vulnerable communities, with the goal of making tangible differences in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.
Join us in action, contribute to our crowdfunding campaign #LifeInEveryBreath

The Benefits of Yoga
From school yoga programs that give kids the tools to focus their minds, to classes that unite people who have
sustained injury or illness, or who are coping with the long­term effects of trauma, violence, abuse and neglect, our
programs aim to make yoga and meditation accessible to a wide variety of unique communities. Through the breath
and flow of yoga postures, yoga practices can help those impacted by addiction, incarceration, chronic stress and
depression regain control over their bodies, minds, and lives. Yoga can give them the tools to heal and respond to
new challenges in a healthier way.

About us
We ­ Charlotte & Ludovic ­ launched this project in early 2018. Partners in life, we share a deep passion for and
knowledge of yoga and decided to listened to our inner voice, choosing to leave our corporate jobs to dedicate
ourselves to humanitarian relief.

Meet Charlotte
Charlotte is originally from France and has been calling New York City home since 2014. Everyday, she swaps her business attire (she is Customer Engagement Manager at an e-commerce company) for a more grounded approach to life… in bare feet! Her yoga mat is where she finds energy and mind space no matter where life takes her. Her quest for knowledge, passion for healthy living, and deep desire to be of service to others led her to become a yoga teacher and ayurvedic health counselor. She believes that the practice of yoga (asana + focused breathing + meditation) is a platform for individual and collective growth and wants to help students make their time on and off the mat more engaging and purposeful.
Charlotte is honored to be a 300-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher + KRI Level 1 certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher. She is also trained in yoga for trauma survivors with Hala Khouri (from
Off the Mat, into the World) and with Anneke Lucas (from Liberation Prison Yoga) and is currently studying Ayurveda with Dr Naina Marballi.
Meet Ludovic
Ludovic is a third culture kid. Born off French parents, he was raised between Africa and Italy, started a career as a creative and business entrepreneur in the Middle East, then moved to New York City in 2014 to be exposed to what he likes most – cross cultural connections.
Ludovic is a social change agent, using documentary photography, acting, and the practices of yoga to create conscious, sustainable personal and community transformation.
His yoga classes are designed to cultivate self-awareness and inspire students to open up to the world grounded in compassion and to fully awaken interconnectedness.
He emphasizes hands-on asana assists to learn to move through discomfort and pain, strengthen and free the body, and invite the transformative power of Yoga.
Ludovic is a 300-h certified Jivamukti yoga teacher. He is also trained in trauma informed yoga with Anneke Lucas (from Liberation Prison Yoga) and will be taking the trauma­-sensitive yoga training led by David Emerson and Jen Turner at Kripalu Center in April.

my partner Charlotte and I are embarking on a social impact journey that aims to give access to the healing benefits of yoga and meditation in minority and traumatized populations. Sharanam Yoga Project with kick off in the Fall. During 14 months, we will travel in 7 destinations across South America, Africa, Asia & Europe to develop programs in partnerships with local non-profit organizations. I have attached a one pager with further details about our project.

Earlier this month, we launched #LifeInEveryBreath, our crowdfunding campaign: hoping to garner support from the public to develop yoga programs for the above mentioned populations.

What feels most joyful in my life at the moment
Ludovic: What feels most joyful at the moment if the freedom and authenticity that I get by following my life purpose, by sharing this unique adventure with my partner Charlotte and by receiving so much support from our community.
Charlotte: These days, life has been providing me with an opportunity to grow in a new direction. I deeply enjoy going through this graceful and very purposeful transition and taking notice of all the possibilities that slowly open up. I am fortunate to be able to grow together with my partner – it keeps us on our toes!

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