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Transitioning From 2016 to 2017 By Astrologer Debbie Frank


Transitioning from  2016 TO 2017 – A CELESTIAL POINTER TOWARDS THE LIGHT By Astrologer Debbie Frank

In the same way that we think of birth as a single moment, we review the turn of the year as something that happens on the point of midnight between one year and the next.  Yet no moment can be isolated in time – they always follow on from what has been and unfold into what is to come.  Therefore we are currently the ‘in-betweeners’, caught in the twilight realm between the old and the new which is a very potent, rich field of potential that is informed by what has gone before.



As an astrologer I always like to look at the celestial shapes ‘in the sky’ that form the collective weather pattern.  This creates the vibe that is out there on the street, the energy field that we inhabit and is part us regardless of our own individual experiences, destiny and chart.


This time last year I was looking at the potential contained in the astrology of 2016.  It was a tricky pattern whichever way I looked at it.  Mars, planet of action was due to move retrograde during Spring and early Summer, dredging up all manner of issues from the past and blocking progress.  Meanwhile the Saturn-Neptune clash is where we are tested in the realm of disappointment.  Mmn…  it was going to be hard to work with this one.  Of course, the capacity to remain strong in the face of let-down and confusion is something we all need to learn.  So it proved enormously enlightening for a lot of my clients but not exactly heartening!


This is why I am glad to see the back of 2016.  As Saturn and Neptune separate from this shape we are moving out of this realm and into new dimensions.  2017 presents an entirely different configuration.  Saturn is in harmonious alignment with Uranus and they are both plugged into optimistic Jupiter.  Translated, this means we are going to be the architects of the new in our lives and let the old go without rancour.   We can see that moving on will be a good thing.  The trajectory is one of a series of openings.  Literally as each door closes, another one leads us into our new paradigm.  It’s going to be exciting for all of us, no matter what sign we are.


So, in this transitional period which also marks the Winter Solstice on December 21st let us reach that dark point in the Northern hemisphere and know that the light is truly going to return to us in 2017.  It will be a blast!  In the coming days, let us think about what we want to make manifest from the vibrant quantum cosmic field of 2017 that gives each and every one of us a chance to have an amazing year.


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