The Joyful Anthology

Transitioning Through Winter Months

By Amanda Wachsberg


This day, January 31st , the gateway between two winter months, conspires to create a very rare phenomenon which is a Blue, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Todays energy is very powerful and today marks the transition from the month of January into the month of February.

First, let’s start with some simple definitions of the key elements that encompass today:

Full Moon: Brings rise to the seed potential of the New Moon, brings forth manifestation and illumination of intentions into achievements.

Blue Moon: The second Full Moon of the calendar’s month
Lunar Eclipse: “An eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth’s shadow.” (

Today, the moon (representing our emotions, our unconscious, our intuitive, subjective mind, personality and instinctive behavior) passes completely through the Earth’s shadow creating a total Lunar Eclipse. During this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon gradually gets darker creating a beautiful rusty blood red color. However, the full Lunar Eclipse is not visible everywhere in the world. Depending on where you are in the world, your location will impact how much of this Lunar eclipse you are able to see. To check out what you can see from your location you can go to this website:

January 31st is a day the elements conspire to create a very rare phenomenon. This rarity makes it a gift. It allows us to look at the gifts within ourselves. The shadow within us is symbolically enlightened by recognizing gratitude and transforming internal processes and patterns. This part of ourselves is often hidden even from ourselves and must be brought to light. This gift of shadow must be honored, embodied and respected. The hidden parts of ourselves create the growth that comes from awareness. By embodying growth, we can begin to manifest our dreams. This Full Moon brings rise to the seed potential of the New Moon. It brings forth manifestation and illumination of intentions morphing them into achievements.

In an action-packed January filled with the energy of a New Year, one normally tries to transform themselves by beginning anew. February the years shortest month, in which there are no full moons, embodies a very different energy. Thus, transitioning from one cold winter month to another can be difficult while we await the incoming of Spring. January was about planting seeds, resolutions, starting fresh and doing this all in the spirit of self-love. Attempting to manifest all of that can be exhausting. February is a more reflective month, consisting of letting go as opposed to accumulating. This process includes releasing that which no longer serves us and moving from self-love into examining what kind of relationship you have within.

So, how can you take advantage of the energy of this transition? You can create your own type of ritual or practice, curating it around that which speaks to you. Trust yourself, your intuition, your emotions, and the moon within you as you follow her guidance. You can reflect on what you have gained internally and externally thus far in the New Year. What you have accumulated doesn’t always align solely with achievements. On the path to becoming the person you hope to be, you can both gain or let go of attributes. This transformation can occur unconsciously, without realizing the depth of impact. Accumulation and release can be internal and non-tangible. This can include belief systems, emotions, thought patterns, or skills. It can also be tangible things such as material possessions, changes in the physical body or the world around you.

To put this into practice, you can make two lists. Start with a pen and a paper. On one list, honor yourself for that which you have accumulated and are proud of. As you write this list, meditate on those things, thank yourself for your hard work, and find gratitude for what you have gained. On the second list, bring awareness to those things which you have accumulated that don’t bring joy into your life. The things on this list should be those not necessary for your physical / mental wellbeing or growth. Begin to release these items and let go of them through the month of February.

Keep the first list of achievements and accumulated things that you are proud of somewhere within reach. This way you can look at it whenever you need a reminder of those things you are capable of and you can even add to it over time! For the second list of things you have accumulated that you want to dispense with, focus on trying to remove one thing every day by crossing things off the list and then throwing it away at the end of the month. Read the list out loud and say before each item, it is my intention to let go of ____ and so I let go. Reflecting on the month, no matter how much you have accomplished or crossed off your list, you may choose to burn the list symbolizing the cleansing, purifying element of fire releasing that which was written. Try to take a look at the Moon tonight or any night. Actively meditate on the feminine energy the moon provides, and see what is illuminated within you.

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