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Traveling Smart



No matter where I travel to, my carry-on packing routine is nearly always the same. I ensure I have all the essentials and whatever I need to stay comfortable.

I travel with Colloidal silver Spray from ACS and Breathe essential oil so my sinuses don’t dry out, which can make me more prone to getting sick and run-down. The benefits of colloidal silver are remarkable, preventing viruses,and infections.

To avoid a compromised immune system, it’s crucial for me to always go the extra mile in order to protect myself—and that means preparing ahead of time as well. I always boost my normal vitamin C (500 mg) and supplement of wellness intake, on top of adding oil of oregano to my regular supplement routine a few days before my travels begin.

Extra Hydration is so important as we get dehydrated from the very low humidity, so keeping your skin and body hydrated is really important. I pack extra sample size moisturizers, and an oxygenating and antioxidant spray from Biologique that I cannot travel without. I spray and reapply throughout the flight. I bring a hand cream as well with a nice lemon scent for feeling refreshed.

I’ll pack a large Cashmere scarf I use as a wrap or blanket.( I typically spray it in advance with a my familiar Creed scent) Usually flights have the air conditioning pumped up really high and we are already susceptible to catching colds with the circulating air and germs in the air, so staying warm is imperative.

Noise cancelling headphones usually do the trick to listening to music or watching a movie without the background noise of the flight.
I take advantage of the wifi in flight and get plenty of work done on longer flights which makes the flight go by quicker. I take my Mac Air, light enough and doesn’t take up too much room in my bag.

Running Shoes and outfit always comes along in my carry on:)
In the unfortunate cases of losing luggage, or delayed luggage retrieval,or if the room isn’t yet ready, a great stress buster is getting out for a run and getting acquainted with the destination.

I’ll bring the Roll Recovery8 massage tool for longer trips when I feel the need to self massage. This tool is probably the closest to getting an actual massage. Rolling out the It bands, hamstrings and troubled spots feels so good.

I always travel with compression socks.Travel-related deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition dubbed “economy-class syndrome” which causes blog clots following long-haul air travel in cramped conditions.
Studies have concluded that airline passengers who wear compression stockings during flights of four hours or more can significantly reduce their risk of DVT as well as leg swelling.

The flight is a great time for me to stop and reflect and journal. I bring my journal and also make lists of intentions I want to set for my upcoming trip.

An inspiring book is always a staple in my carry on.

On all flights, I make sure to bring my own food to the airport so I know that my body will get proper nourishment. (make sure dressing is packed in required 3 oz. containers carefully wrapped to avoid spillage)
I always drink a minimum of one liter of water in my glass bottle as a requirement for staying hydrated .


Extra essentials to pack:
Breath mints,
Eye cream /brightener
Lip balm/ lip gloss
Hand sanitizer
Moist wipes

I believe that making a conscious shift out of the stressed-out, “fight or flight” panic mode allows us to approach traveling in a healthy mindset.
It’s so important to power down, truly relax and let go of all the built-up tension when you reach your destination—so you can enjoy every second of your trip.


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