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Trumpeting into 2017: The Cosmic Clarion Call to Awakening.

Trumpeting into 2017: The Cosmic Clarion Call to Awakening.
by Debbie Frank   


Gemini Donald Trump is such a divisive person he almost splits the world in two in true twin style.  Love him or loathe him the world is waking up to the man who is a self professed arbitrator of change.  His Sun is close to the revolutionary planet Uranus so the great awakening is here.  Even for those who voted for him, perhaps more than most.  If we give any credence to Eastern philosophy then everything is ‘meant to be’ and some would take it so far as to say ‘it’s all good’.   The marches, the repealments, the anti-feminine stance, the chundering military top brass, the absent First Lady, the hair.  Well doesn’t the hair say it all?  The ridiculousness is right there even with a man who takes himself so seriously and now he occupies a position of such gravitas the overcomb crowns it all, as it must with the royal sign of Leo rising in Trump’s chart.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 7.48.33 AM

Anyway what has this got to do with astrology of now?   Well you could say that astrology is an exact science that is informed by hind-sight, not fore-sight.  Looking back we see exactly what the Uranus-Pluto clash of the last several years has meant to us.  The wrestling with and break-down of what has gone before so we now have a politically rookie President of power with zero experience – exactly a replica of these aspects.  Last year he slipped through the veils of illusion under the Saturn-Neptune square as people’s disappointment with the status quo led them to vote for a fantasy figure who promised them everything.


Now 2017 has arrived and the Saturn-Neptune scenario is dissipating and we see things more clearly.  Trump himself is under the heavy hand of Saturn, planet of reality, which is impacting  his Moon (living in the White House must feel like a prison to him) and Saturn opposing his Mercurial Gemini Sun giving him watchful scrutiny and heavy responsibility.   These are hardly aspects of joy but they will rein him in.

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The over-riding theme of the year is dynamic activity as Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter collaborate to put things together.  It is an optimistic signature which helps to lighten the mood.   So perhaps we should take heart from the cosmos.  We are working things out.  Our leaders reflect the signs of the times and are catalysts for what we need to know.  Trump will reveal more than we ever thought possible.  Meanwhile we must go about our lives using our energy to make our own changes, to make our voices heard.

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