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Ursula Vari

I was so fortunate for my introduction to Ursula Vari, a beautiful  woman with  many gifted  talents.

Ursula is a sought after celebrity  yoga teacher and healer in Los Angeles. Her nature and concern for people and approach to life resonates with all who are looking for a holistic approach to healing their bodies and bringing balance with the emotional state and body.

Ursula’s training in the jungles of the Amazon River enhanced her wisdom as a shamanic healer and a Reiki Master, to which she brings a deeper layer of knowledge helping her clients achieve optimal health.
Her ability to see beyond the visible is a quality that is deeply sought after in the healing community. As an enthusiast of plant medicine and aromatherapy, she facilitates sessions that allow each individual to tap into their own potential to live a purposeful, fulfilling life without the distractions of our fast-paced, stress filled society. She offers her clients a deep understanding of their path and a clear roadmap to their success.

Along with Ursula’s gifts as a powerful healer  is also her philanthropic side in which she is passionate about working with  locals in indigenous communities and setting up free spay and neuter programs and treatment campaigns to help street dogs. Ursula is an avid photographer and author of the book


Ursula kindly shares in Q&A with The Joyful Approach to better understand her process:

 Name : Ursula Vari

Origin : Romania

Place of residence: Los Angeles

Profession : Artist, Reiki/Shamanic/Sound Healer, Yoga/Meditation Teacher,

Where is your practice? Los Angeles or wherever my clients need me

Please tell me the different vehicles of healing you use to treat your clients?

I use sound, touch, breath, essential oils, herbs, crystals, tobacco and journeying to help my clients heal past traumas, remove energetic blockages and gain insight.


What is the philosophy behind Sacred Space Healing?

“There is more to ”beingness” than meets the eye.”

In our modern and technology fueled society as much as we feel we are connected, there is a palpable disconnection that is evident when we see statistics of drug addiction, depression, cancer, diseases; disconnection from nature, from humanity, from our Higher Self, a disconnection from our ancestral wisdom. My responsibility as a healer is to help my clients re-connect, plug back in to the intelligence of the Great Spirit, Universe, Mother Nature and to help them recover, discover and reconnect with their long lost selves through holistic healing methods.

As a Reiki master and the shamanic healer, I bring an additional layer of knowledge to help my clients achieve optimal health. My training with Shipibo curanderos in the jungles of the Amazon river gave me a deep understanding of the energetic aspect of all that surrounds us. As an enthusiast of plant medicine and aromatherapy, I facilitate sessions that allow my clients to grasp their own potential to live a purposeful, fulfilling life without the hindrance of our fast-paced, stress filled society.


How is Sacred Space aligned with holistic lifestyle?

I am big believer that homeostasis can only be achieved by an integrative approach. I encourage my clients to strive for collective physical, spiritual, emotional well-being. That entails a mostly plant-based diet, activity/exercise in nature, limiting the use of electronic devices- EMF isn’t quite our best friend-, a daily meditation practice and giving back to the community.

What type of clientele do you treat?

I work with anyone who is open to alternative/holistic healing. Willingness to shed old behavior/thinking and letting go of things that no longer serve us are essential traits of all my clients.

What do you encourage your clientele to do when they are stressed and overwhelmed with daily routine?

I encourage everyone to pause, take a step back and a deep breath. Then, if available, go outside and reconnect with nature, the Sun and the Earth and by that resetting the brain and removing the self from the at times “charged” environments.

Please tell me about some of your inspiring projects as an artist and creator?

My book Fours Seconds was recently published on and I am working on my memoir due for release in 2017.

I am passionate about photography and my favorite subjects are women. Through the images I help them reconnect with their divinity and the sacred feminine. All my photography clients rave about my process of helping them discover their ethereal beauty and a confidence they have never been able to tap into.


A couple of years ago, during my travels to the Amazonian Jungle I have established a private fundraiser to help street dogs in Peru. I visit the Loreto region every four months, where I run free spay and neuter programs and roam the streets with my street team helping dogs in need with antibiotics, anti-parasitic injections etc., inspiring and educating the locals. For more on my project and what inspired it pls visit:

Insta: @straysoftheworld

Please tell me about special workshops and ceremonial circles you feel are very influential for healing?

Every new and full moon I facilitate a women’s circle with the theme shamanic journeying. I watched the women who have attended this workshop transform, find strength and a new sense of focus. I also facilitate “Right of the Womb” ceremonies. This tradition is one the Munay-Ki rites, which are Empowerment rites based on initiatory practices by the Q’ero shamans.

I have experienced the healing power of sound three years ago during my very first Sound Bath in Silver Lake. The way I described the experience is having 10 years of therapy in one hour. The sound vibrations penetrated me so deeply rebooting my chakras that I felt reborn after the experience. In 2015 I became a sound healer and since I have led many groups into altered and healing states through the help of Tibetan Crystal Bowls, chimes and drums.

Photos in this story by Kimo Lauer

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