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Meet Vanesa…
This Argentinian beauty brings a sensual and even glamourous element into the ancient Indian Ayverdic practice. She embodies presence and serenity in the calm and confident way she speaks, listens and moves. Her own graceful and deep sense of self is what draws people to her practice and into her life.

Full name.. Vanesa Curutchet

Background.. Ayurvedic practitioner & Spiritual counselor

Place of residency.. Montreal, Quebec

How many years in practice? 7 years

Prior occupation? Leadership & Management of World Class Day Spas for 16 years and still doing it today.

What inspired you to your profession as an Ayurvedic healer?
Instinctively health and well being have been my passion since I was a teenager. After having Bell Palsy (facial paralysis) and being completely depleted in my early 30’s, I knew deep inside me that I was off track and I needed to gain a new perspective on my health so I turned to Holistic medicine to find my way back to balance. My healing process was a mixture of Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda, I fell in love with the Ayurvedic philosophy and the techniques used to customize everyone’s path to wellness. That lead me to follow my dream of studying Ayurveda in California, my life was then transformed and I could not wait to share this knowledge with everyone.


Yoga certified?
I don’t have a yoga certification but I have been practicing Yoga for now 13 years on a regular basis, and very much enjoy it weekly. I attend Yoga retreats annually, as a spiritual getaway and a time to reset my personal and professional goals.

How long is your practice open?
After 7 years of practice in California and in Montreal, Quebec, including at the Victoria Park Spa in Westmount, I opened my private practice over a year ago.

Philosophy of Ayurvedic healing in a few sentences what type of patient’s do you treat mostly.
Like most holistic medicines we want to determine the root cause of the problem, Ayurveda seeks to know the nature of the person, the nature of the disease and then the nature of the medicine to provide the most effective treatment with minimum or no side effects.


When I first started consulting, clients would mostly come to see me for weight loss and detox. It led me to discover an increasing pattern with most of my clients, whereby the root cause was an emotional setback. Very often clients would come to me due to a physical imbalance, and after the first session we could clearly see that the issue was deep rooted and very emotional. After realizing this, I decided to pursue additional training in Ayurvedic psychology. This form of therapy, and teaching open heart meditation helps to Heal deep emotional wounds. As an Ayurvedic practitioner, witnessing the positive results my clients have experienced, has been very rewarding.

How is your treatment considered a holistic approach to wellness?
Ayurveda is more then a holistic medicine, it’s a lifestyle with many tools that help you live your life in balance by first determining your dosha (nature) and your imbalance. There are 3 doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha and there are 9 different possible combinations. Everyone has a combination of them and most often a predominant one. The tools we teach, help you learn which are the best foods, exercises, breathing exercises, and herbs that are best suited for you. It’s a very customized wellness program which allows you to discover yourself and that which makes you so unique.

Can you express the importance of a healthy diet and routine to wellness?
In the fast paced world we live today, most of us have lost connectivity, especially with nature and ourselves. It is very important to set a routine that is in balance with your dosha and the seasons we live in. Here are some important guidelines I learned to a healthy diet;

1_ Food is fuel, the cleaner it is the more energy it will give you.
2_ Detox is a digestion reset to be done once or twice a year.
3_ Pay attention to your digestion, its your map to good nutrition.
4_ Take time off to eat in a positive environment.

Personal hobbies/vacation spots.. /spiritual practice?
I love expression through movement, so dancing, specially latin dancing has always been my outlet. I have been practicing yoga for many years, and love to travel. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel frequently and it has helped me to understand the world and the diverse cultures that compose humanity. Among the best travels have been the spiritual lessons they brought, including living in an Ashram for 8 weeks, living in Northern California and also doing several Yoga retreats including Bali, California and Panama. One of my favorite travel experience is the feeling I get when I go back to Argentina (my homeland) and immerse fully in my roots and connect with my family.

Your personal holistic approach to holistic life at home?
I recently got married after living alone for almost all of my adult life. Our home is our love nest and energetically it is our sanctuary. Home has become a place of comfort and belonging I crave to be in. My mom always said “home is where you do the most important things in life” and I never fully understood that until now.Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 6.23.42 AM


A perfect holistic day at home is to start my morning and my evening with meditation. Walking our dog and taking time to look at nature and all its magic. Our meals are a very important time to connect and laugh, the way you eat your food is as important as what you eat. The kitchen is the central place to all the activities in our home, and we love to entertain our family and friends, especially after spending so many years dining in restaurants. At this stage of my life, spending time at home is very comforting, warm and actually quite grounding.

Vanesa consults with clients globally through Skype. She works with clients in Countries around the world from Argentina to Spain and they are able to see wonderful benefits from her treatment. She speaks English, Spanish and French.

Vanesa Ayurveda contact:

Photo credit:Mariya Georgieva
Stylist :Rita Ghanime

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