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We want to know.. What is your Morning Routine? A Joyful Project

The Joyful Approach thrives on gathering likeminded community universally.

Our intention is to have the Joyful community share their personal morning routine so that we can collectively inspire and support one another. We’d love to hear from you and have you share your personal stories on your Morning Routine.

I personally have always been a morning person, waking up before everyone in our home and enjoying the quiet stillness, the morning nectar. In solitude and the uninterrupted time allows me to practice my morning rituals and its when I feel most creative. With a busy daily schedule, I’m able to be most efficient because of my morning ritual that sets me up for a productive day with ease and without becoming overwhelmed.  

All of us have a morning routine or ritual we follow. It is just a question of whether it is one we have intentionally created for ourselves, or a routine that is occurring simply because we don’t have a set morning routine or ritual.

I find that having intentional mornings with ritual and routine,  instills a sense of order in the day and generates productivity. I’m always curious to hear on other inspiring rituals that I can learn from and I hope this will be a place for us to all share in our rituals and the challenges that arise with our morning routine and how we can navigate through them. 

Joy Dushey



We’d love to know about your morning routine and how setting intentions for your morning routine impacts you.

Instructions :

Please answer the Questions below.

Please keep the word count under 500 words for the entire interview. (You may skip questions that don’t resonate)

Copy and Paste and submit to

If you’d like to submit your own personal high resolution photo, please do.

We will be offering a morning for shooting in Central Park in November to capture a portrait for your morning story. Please let us know if you’re interested, along with your attached interview.

What is your morning routine?



What is your morning nourishment?



Do you set an intention prior to your morning routine? 



How long has this routine been part of your life?



Are there any obstacles that get in the way of your most ideal morning





What time do you go to sleep, and do you do anything before going to bed to make your morning easier?




Do you have a morning workout routine?



Do you have a morning meditation routine?



Do you also follow this routine on weekends, or do you change some steps?



 Does traveling or changing your environment get in the way of your routine?



Anything else you would like to add?




Photos by John Dill 

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