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Welcoming Spring with Timeless Fashion


Now that the sun is setting later and the snow is starting to melt, I’m celebrating the idea of newness in creativity and ideas. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it’s when freshness starts, complete with new beginnings and opportunities.


I love the idea of clearing out, shedding and making space for newness. This means storing my chunky sweaters and swapping my collection of black staples with lighter colors that evoke freshness and spring. In contemplating what I’d like to add to my seasonal wardrobe, and considering my core value towards sustainable and responsible shopping, I thought it would be important to reestablish what sustainable shopping means for me.



I have a list of criteria that identifies “sustainable shopping.” but for this piece, I want to consider timelessness. As I reflect on past purchases, I think it’s important to make a distinction between what I consider “timeless” or “trendy” in my wardrobe.




I am trying not to invest in too many fashion trends that are dated and don’t speak to me. Giada Forte is one brand that I have loved since its 2002 inception, and I still love wearing its pieces. They are truly timeless. Giada Forte is a collection designed and produced in Italy by siblings Giada and Paolo forte. The clothing is delicate and feminine and produced with the finest Italian fabrics. The collections are carefully made and curated with sentimental expression of passion and emotion. Since I love taking advantage of lighter and more fluid clothing during the warmer months, I always select at least a piece or two from the Giada Spring/Summer collection and enjoy the expression of lightness and fluidity.



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