Work with Joy

Hi, I’m Joy. I support people in creating joyful alignment of the whole self through a holistic lifestyle called The Joyful Approach.

The Joyful Approach Circle of Life

Work with Joy

I empower people to live in Joyful alignment of their WHOLE self. I inspire people to live a more awakened life and rise to their personal freedom through a more self -realized and self -actualized way of being that is authentic to their truth, their essence.

My work is intuitive, following the energy of the individual or the group, and may include breathwork, reiki, meditation, and other esoteric healing practices. But it always stems from The Joyful Approach, my framework for the joyful alignment of the whole self.

When we work together, I meet you where you are, and I offer a safe space and loving support as you shift beliefs that no longer serve you and explore new possibilities for bringing joy, love, and freedom into your life.

I help people who

Are looking to know themselves better
Are looking for more optimal living
Are seeking meaning in their lives
Are ready to step into the 2.0 version of themselves
  • Are struggling in some way
  • Are looking for creativity, to manifest and call in bigger dreams
  • Don’t feel fulfilled with themselves or their career
  • Are not connected to their life purpose
  • Are not as spiritually connected
  • Feel bound by cords and attachments
  • Are trying to fulfill themselves with external things
  • Experience emotions of sadness anxiousness and or depression.
  • Long to be more spiritually connected, happier, abundant
  • Need healing or direction with getting unstuck
  • Are passionate about living holistically
  • Are seeking heightened levels of consciousness
  • Are unfulfilled in relationships
  • Looking to live in more truth
I also help people who…
  • Are looking for more creativity, manifestation, call in bigger dreams, like creatives, artists, people that are looking for more magic
  • Really want to get out of their comfort zone and are willing to do their work on their own time as well

The Joyful Approach Alchemy





Transmuting non serving energies into heart consciousness through unconditional love alchemy


Access Your Intuition  & Wisdom of your Higher self


Manifestation of Energy of Divine Intelligence


Illumination and Expansion of the multidimensional brilliance of your creation


Recalibrating your energy


Ascension to the Spiritual spheres of Divine connection


Integration of mind body spiritual bodies in union



Through the breath, energy clearing & attunement, we crystalize the alchemy & recalibrate the harmonics of your being.


We begin with a dialogue on where you’re at in your life and what some of your deeper intentions for the session are. I’ll then prompt you with thought provoking questions, serving as the catalyst to focus on those  area’s most prevalent for your transformation.

We then move into Activation; Alchemical breathwork and energy clearing & attunement.
This work will allow you to journey and meet your soul through an intimate sacred connection for more self realization. Get to know the deeper layers of the self in a safe supportive setting, and access your core desires for a purposeful life.

After the Breathwork, you’ll transition into a restorative healing with vibrational frequencies of sound to restore your system and optimize the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul. Through a melting sound bath, you will begin to feel the transformation of any stresses melting away and might receive answers creativity new possibilities and or deep restorative healing.

After the session we reintegrate with guidance and the space for questions and helpful resources I might suggest.



Healing in a group can be very profound for your healing and nourishing for the soul in connected community. Supporting one another in open discovery and exploration is a true gift that we can provide for one another and create stronger community and connection while deepening layers of healing.  We begin with open discussion, setting intentions and sharing new ideas and thoughts, tips and takeaways followed by Breathwork and Sound healing. Please email me at



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