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Embody open-hearted joy, connection & freedom.

The Joyful Approach
The Joyful Approach


Experience a 1:1 integrative multidimensional energy healing session personalized with an alchemy of mystical, heart-opening spiritual healing modalities grounded in intuitive talk therapy, transformative neuroscience coaching, breathwork & vibrational sound healing. Each Alchemy Healing Session is unique based on your energy, intuitively crafted to unravel limitations, initiate inner healing & activate external actualization. You will walk away with profound insight, wisdom & transformational healing tools to embody your optimal life design.

Available virtual & In-person

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The Joyful Approach


Invest in a spiritual growth path to help you sustain healing shifts, evolve & ascend. Throughout this 3 session Alchemy Healing package you will work 1:1 with Joy in the same intimate, mystical healing setting & intuitive capacity, but with a deeper focus on an overarching intention(s). Joy offers this package as a result of past client experience. Three Alchemy sessions is where sustainable shifts are witnessed, internally & externally. This package is idyllic for the individual feeling deeply entrenched in limitations, interested in intentionally investing in their spiritual knowledge & transformation and/or seeking a shift to reclaim openhearted joy, connection & freedom.

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The Joyful Approach


Experience a deep half-day holistic healing journey with Joy in an intimate 1:1 immersive setting. Every immersion is grounded in The Joyful Approach, alas divinely guided and deeply unique, based on your personal energy & journey. We will explore what’s holding you back through intuitive talk therapy & neuroscience coaching, attune your energy through a transformational alchemy of holistic spiritual healing modalities (including breathwork, reiki, meditation, crystals, mantras, essential oils, sound), and co-create an intentional integrative life template for you to course-correct and optimize all facets of your life — nutrition, sleep, soul purpose, core values, daily practices, boundaries. You will walk out of this immersion feeling clear, connected, & supported with aligned integration tools & methods (including full access to The Academy) for you to manifest your optimal life design, that of openhearted joy, connection & freedom.

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The Joyful Approach

A conscious co-creation to empower individuals to embody their fullest expression & learn how to share their gifts of service to amplify the awakening of the world.

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“I cannot speak highly enough about Joy’s mentorship. Not only was it was an amazing community to connect with like minded women, but also it provided me with the guidance to push me to step outside of the box… being under Joy’s wing is such an honor”

- Amanda January, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

What They Say

I attended a workshop facilitated by Joy, I did not know what to expect or how I would feel. I cannot explain her process however if you have an opportunity to take a class it’s absolutely one of the most special, deep, connected & soulful experiences you will ever have. Joy puts her entire being into her teaching and it flows into every one of us. It’s love it’s light it’s healing….

L.T. -Brooklyn, NY

Being in Joy’s presence, I immediately felt the light and beautiful energy that she emanates from within. This was reflected in everything she brought forth during our time together – from her serene and comforting space, to the thoughtfulness and care she put into our interaction, to the breath and healing work she walked me through. Exchanging with her one-on-one offered me gifts that I don’t often get to experience in my day-to-day life: an empathetic listening heart, a “slowing down” to allow the softness to come through, and the space to be “seen”. I’m so incredibly grateful for her gem stones of wisdom, willingness to share parts of her own journey, and her ability to see through to the core of my pain and struggles. As a result of our session, I’m more hopeful for the possibilities that may lie ahead for me in this journey, and am comforted in knowing that this path does not have to be walked alone. I’m looking forward to continuing this meaningful inner work.

Emily S.

I have been working with Joy for several years and I am beyond thankful for our time together! I have worked with Joy during one on one sessions and have also attended numerous group sanghas.

Joy is an incredible healer and has assisted in my own personal growth beyond measure. Her calm, loving and welcoming spirit puts you at ease from the moment you walk into her beautiful healing space. Through Joy’s incredibly intuitive and empathic nature she is able to ask deep thought provoking questions during her sessions. She listens attentively with a genuine desire to help you connect to your higher self and life purpose. She has helped me connect to areas in my life that are out of balance and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to a new way of living.

Joy has guided me in identifying core beliefs that were no longer serving and we have worked to move energetic blockages and stagnant energy during our sessions. Because of Joy I have learned to create more space in my life to create positive shifts and use the space to connect the dots to make impactful life changes. TheJoyful Approach life system has been an invaluable tool in helping me identify areas in my life that were out of balance. With Joy’s guidance I now have have tools to help bring these areas back into balance.

I cherish our one on one sessions and being part of the group sanghas beyond words! I can’t thank you enough for opening your home and healing space and creating such a warm, loving and supportive space for transformative self healing!

Keelyn Brown, NY

Joy is everything I could wish for in a healer: empathetic, generous, knowledgeable and patient… This is her true (and maybe divine) calling, to guide others to align, center, emanate their best selves. I have worked with Joy for just four months and there is a new serenity in my life I can only attribute to her, from our sessions and meditations. Thank you Joy…


I don’t even know where to begin to describe the effect that Joy has had on my life. Going through a very difficult time, to say the least, I decided to join one of Joy’s meditation classes on the beach. At the end of the class, with tears streaming down my face, all I needed was a hug and Joy gave it to me. I then knew, I was in the right place and in the right hands to deal with all life was throwing at me.

Joy has opened my eyes to a world that was laying right inside of me. She has created an environment which is calming, healing and most of all safe. There is no judgement when you enter into a session, allowing you to leave your worries at the door.

Through breath-work and Joy’s guidance, I am working on releasing all of the negative energies that are no longer serving me and are blocking me from bringing in love, life, abundance and anything else my heart desires. She has helped me to move forward on the true path of healing.

Joy goes the extra mile, checking up on me after our sessions and answering any questions that may arise. In addition, she has taught me how to meditate on my own and has given me tools to reduce any anxiety when I am not in her presence. Joy is peace, light and love all wrapped into one.

Every day we should identify what we are grateful for… and every day I am grateful for Joy!!


The joyful approach retreat was at first a great girlfriend’s healthy getaway, it turned out that this retreat became so much more for me. It helped me recognize that I was dealing with emotions that I was not even aware of. As I unveiled my feelings around some situations in my life, and addressed them in a warm-loving group setting, lead by Joy, I felt loved, accepted and not alone, the support was so heart lifting and healing. In the process I attended Joy’s breathwork workshop, her unique way of guiding it was very nurturing and impactful. As a result I came back home with more clarity, strength and gratitude. I highly recommend Joy as a facilitator, healer & leader.


Joy’s work is like something I have never experienced before. She is kind, loving and most of all generous with with the energy she gives during her sessions. I left feeling open, enlightend, full of energy and happiness. Thank you for this life changing experience. I look forward to coming back.


Joy provides a beautiful, safe environment in which to explore personal growth and healing. With her soft, gentle approach, she has opened me up to new spiritual practices taught in an easily accessible way. I leave every interaction and conversation with Joy feeling inspired, light-filled and Joy-ful.


Joy is wise, modest, and a facilitator for deep healing. She is masterful at providing a non-judgemental, creative healing space so that one feels inspired to explore all facets of what it is to be human. Through her gentle breathwork guidance and genuine love, I was able to reconnect with myself, to experience my essence again. Joy is truly selfless–she will be your biggest cheerleader, and today, in a world where everyone is competing–that is invaluable.


This past summer, I did two workshops with Joy. The first one consisted of yoga, group meditation, intention setting and an introduction to the Joyful Approach. The second was a group breathwork session. Both of the workshops were informative, inspiring and very helpful to me. Joy was able to create a sense of community amongst the participants that made me feel comfortable in sharing from my heart. The breathwork session felt like a deep cleaning of my whole being. I even had a past-life vision of Joy as a high priestess supervising the healing of many people. She has a natural talent of enabling her clients to be at ease and allow their deeper soul issues to come forth. I look forward to taking more workshops with Joy and highly recommend her as a breathwork facilitator and life coach.


I’m approaching a milestone birthday turning 50 which has had me feeling emotional over the past months. Some of the feelings are of fear, vulnerability, frustration and yet much Gratitude.

Fear of the unknown & excitement for what’s to come in this next chapter of what we call life. I have so much Gratitude for many blessings from G-d and new beginnings. I’m also experiencing frustration for being almost 50 and not being able to turn back time .. to re-live the miracles and to repair many many mistakes I believe I made.

In the course of my 49 years I have experienced lots of beautiful moments of love and also beautiful moments of pain and disappointment and also abuse.

The reality is stark. Yet it hasn’t crushed me. It set me back. And in the reset backwards I was forced to go on a journey to find myself and seriously look inside. As lonely as it can feel it’s empowering.

Thank you Joy for guiding me this past year and a half in what was the most difficult time in my life so far. Your empathy and compassion taught me how to stay strong by facing my pain, listening to my true self, making my voice heard and being authentic. I was already on a spiritual path when we met but you helped me discover Breathwork and sound bath which were essential to my healing in process. You always knew how to listen to me when I needed it, share your own experiences with me and bring me joy and comfort. I can’t wait to grow more, raise my vibration and awaken my consciousness thanks to you.


One of the courageous steps I took in this self reflecting journey was to reach out to Joy of The Joyful Approach. I have to say I dabbled in Joy’s approach of healing from the inception of her teachings. I thought I was connected to her philosophies but I wasn’t sold. I was blocking my potential to live my best life. I was afraid. I was more connected to my codependent relationships than I was to myself. My core desired self was buried under layers and layers of programmed behaviors. Patterns that were created and that I was addicted to behaving in since the beginning of time for me.

Wow!! What an epiphany today. Thank G-d. I am so grateful to Joy for guiding me in moving energy in my body through breathwork, creating within myself the desire to change , mindful intention setting and journaling ( actually writing down my core desired feelings , emotions, goals , plans and steps of how to achieve all I desire).

Her mantras are contagious. Her reiterations regarding nurturing the body, healthy habits are non negotiable for today ( 80/20 rule 🙂 ).

I feel reborn in a way and I am truly excited to hopefully with G-d’s help and with mentorship like “The Joyful Approach” to live the next chapter of my life beautifully, in my best vibration at my healthiest possible state mentally and physically. Thank you Joy for so bravely sharing your wisdom and healing ways. You have healed me in ways I have tried to describe here in this testimonial but also in ways that are mysterious and difficult to properly portray. I think it’s the love in your pure heart that resides in you for all beings and your true desire to help anyone that suffers in any way resembling your own pain you may have once experienced. Thank you for raw honesty JOY. My healer.


I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have been a part of last nights sangha. The breath work opened me up to let go of the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that often hold me back. I could feel the the release of old wounds that have been manifesting inside me and the internal healing of physical wounds from my recent surgery. Thank you for having me and helping me on my journey.


Finding Joy was such a blessing at a very challenging time in my life. Going into my first session I felt uncertainty, fear and doubt, about my future, and more importantly, about myself. Joy made me feel instantly comfortable and cared for, and I knew immediately that I was in the best of hands. Our session was life-changing and quite hard to describe, but if I had to try, I would describe it as magic. Visions came to me and many questions were answered during our time together. Even more so, I walked away feeling confident in myself to work through my challenges knowing that I had Joy in my “toolbox.”

Since then, I have experienced sessions with Joy in group events and small group sessions. Every time, I experience something different and walk away with new treasures. Joy has opened my eyes to so many different possibilities for myself and my future. She also has impacted the way I view healing and health. I am very thankful to have the Joyful Approach in my life.


I’m so blessed to have met Joy Dushey at this moment in my life. As a professional musician, author and educator for nearly 3 decades, my work requires a certain resiliency to confront the challenges involved in developing creative projects. Doing breath work with Joy has helped me to explore and confront self-imposed roadblocks that can impede my forward progress. Joy is at once intuitive, nurturing and supportive, yet she also gently challenges me to go to uncomfortable places. The results have been impactful both on the conscious and sub-conscious levels. And while the work is very powerful on its own, in Joy’s hands I believe it truly has the power to be life altering.


Joy has been an amazing teacher to me. I never knew what breathwork was until I met her but I am so happy that I tried it because it has saved me. The best part about it is that no matter where I am I can do a session because Joy is available on Skype as well. She is there to guide you through the whole process. She is also an amazing life coach who really gives amazing advice that helps you get through the good and bad times in life. She has really helped me feel less anxious and helped me improve my life.


Being part of the Joyful experience is truly soul nourishing! Expressing emotions in a calm and beautifully simple environment with people who embrace each other with comfort and trust is supreme!
Learning to practice breathing with grace and ease elevated both my mind and body!