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Yoga with Karina Gallego


I am honored and proud to introduce my assistant Karina Gallego of the Joyful Approach.

Karina is a certified yoga instructor, trained under the tutelage of Carolyn McPherson. After many years of training as a dancer, a knee injury at fifteen led her to discover the beautiful healing art of yoga and meditation. Shortly thereafter, she was catapulted to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual heights of yoga. She reminds students that the true purpose of Yoga is Self-realization. Karina is honored and humbled to share the teachings of this lineage with others who are seeking a realization of that true happiness and oneness of the divine within us all.


Join us for collaborative workshops and events in an encouraging, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Karina is trained in a variety of styles of yoga, from the active and dynamic alignment/vinyasa flow, to the quietly intense yin yoga, to the gentle and meditative restorative yoga. As well as being a certified Birth Doula and Reiki practitioner.

Her intention is to meet you exactly where you are, whether it is your first day trying yoga, or you are beyond the basics and looking to dig deeper. She offers modifications and options within a group class or in-home private sessions to work with your body, by altering the postures to be gentler or more challenging based on your current ability. Her goal is to lead educational classes, while giving students the space and silence to have their own unique experience. In her classes, the whole person is addressed: the physical, mental and spiritual, allowing you to take what you need. Karina has witnessed the healing and transformative power of yoga and it is an honor to be able to share this practice with others!

photos by Christian Caroll

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