Empowering the authentic unique brilliance in humanity for whole alignment and abundant living

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The Methodology Podcast

When we consciously and lovingly work toward bringing our minds, bodies, and emotions into alignment, we can live our most joyful lives. Host Joy Dushey, a holistic life guide, breathwork facilitator, energy healer and founder of the integrated Life System, The Joyful Approach.

The Matrix Mentorship

I formulated the Matrix Mentorship with the intention of co- creation, conscious alignment with essence of spirit and likeminded individuals to empower their full expression to blossom their gifts of service and share in our mutual awakening.

Although the intention was premeditated from a while back, The Matrix was born during the first week that the world took a Global Pause in March of 2020. The calling was to ignite the pilot as our collective was in emergent need for assistance as we faced a pandemic and planetary collapse. We are experiencing the most radical times shifting paradigms, and expanding dimensions. We need conscious leaders aligned with integral values and heart coherence.

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When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


Work With Joy

My work is intuitive, following the energy of the individual or the group, and may include Breathwork, Reiki, meditation, and other esoteric healing practices. But it always stems from The Joyful Approach, my framework for the joyful alignment of the whole self.

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Virtual Courses

This curated set of courses will allow you to awaken to a deeper experience of yourself and discover a whole new way of living your most authentic life. With Joy as a dynamic guide and teacher, you will be empowered to design your life system with a unique blueprint to usher you into Joyful Alignment. This will allow for life to flow, and for you to live in congruence with your truth.

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1:1 Coaching

I am opening 1 spot to work with me 1:1 in a 6 month sacred container

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To apply for this opportunity email joy@thejoyfulapproach.com.

I have tried many times to find the words to explain the beauty of Joy Dushey & The Joyful Approach. I have struggled to do so, as I truly don’t know if there are words deep enough to explain how profound Joy’s craft is and the impact she has made on my life. Joy is a true gift to this world.

Every single session, I am in awe of her dedication, warmth, and ability to hold space, a safe container for my healing.

Session after session I get to know myself at a much deeper level, safely explore emotions, and release what isn’t serving my higher purpose. For me, working with Joy is a mystical journey of true empowerment & self-love.

The Joyful Approach has allowed me the space and time to see life through a clear lens, find the most authentic version of myself, and open my heart to the joy and abundance that we are all so deserving.

Joy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will forever be grateful for our divine connection.

With love, Kate

Kate Grifith - 1:1 coaching client with Joy

What is the Joyful Approach Life System?

The Joyful Approach life system is a multi dimensional integrative synthesis that serves as an activation for coming into Joyful alignment of the whole self.

Drawn from a tapestry of work stemming from holistic and spiritual principles for one to step into full alignment of their highest life design.

The life system methodology helps unravel any conditioning, programs patterns or behaviors that’s disrupted your original and core nature so that you can come back into synchronicity with a thriving way of living. As you commit to the interior work it becomes very clear with the wisdom that awakens you to realizing what works for you and you begin investing in those practices to rise and embody a most fulfilled life with joy love freedom and optimal living.

When we consciously work toward bringing our minds, bodies, and emotions into alignment, we can live our most joyful lives. Along the way, we learn that all the answers are already inside of each of us, and that when we stay open to new possibilities, when we allow through the universe, Magic happens.

How does it work?

Harmony Wheel 1
Harmony Wheel 2

We assess areas of your life, from the two tiers of the Joyful Approach Life System

We look at your day to day lifestyle and reevaluate what areas of the lifestyle are out of balance. Using the tools from the outer layers we re-strategize and create new intentions for coming back into balance.

  • We establish your Core Values
  • We course correct with declaring essential Boundaries
  • Explore portals of Self Care modalities for Self Love
  • Get clear on how to Set Intentions
  • Design your personalized Daily Practice
  • Peel the layers to get back to living in your Authenticity

Using Joyful Approach tools for transformation and having an understanding of the Laws of the Universe you begin the process of coming into alignment.

Alignment is the key component of the laws of attraction and it basically means you are an energetic match for whatever it is you most desire. The laws of attraction teach us that it’s most important to come into alignment before we manifest our desires. Once you are in alignment, you will feel the energy of the universe supporting you and things come to you with ease and flow.

You begin by first embarking on the cognitive theoretical work assessing and exploring your harmony wheel of your life followed by an activation with Breathwork

Breathwork allows us to find the clarity we need to address the most prevalent areas that need tending to.

Just like the unpeeling of layers of an onion, you become lighter more free, more in touch with your soul and your core desires for coming into full alignment living with love and Joy.

Maintenance and Practice

To experience your sustainable results, you have continuity with a daily practice to nourish your aligned life and you begin to reap the rewards experiencing abundance in multiple areas of your life.

How can I access this work?

1:1 Alchemy Session with Joy

These are limited but still available in person or through Zoom

The Membership

This was designed so that anyone can have access to this work. This takes you through the life system with everything you need to get started in your own time. Weekly bundles with videos, downloadable worksheets, Breathwork activations meditations and a monthly call and much more.

Two-Day Retreat

Event coming soon

Private Bookings

Design your own workshop, invite your friends and family.

1:1 Mentoring with Joy

Waitlist to work with Joy for 6 months in a private coaching container.