Empowering the authentic unique brilliance in humanity for whole alignment and abundant living

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The Joyful Approach Circle of Life


Shift in Consciousness

Heart Coherence

Embodied Authentic Living

Expanding Dimensions of Reality

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


The Methodology

The Joyful Approach is a multi dimensional integrative synthesis that serves as an activation for coming into Joyful alignment of the whole self.

Drawn from a tapestry of work stemming from holistic and spiritual principles for one to step into full alignment of their embodied highest life design.

The life system methodology helps unravel any conditioning, programs, patterns or behaviors that disrupted your original and core nature so that you can come back into synchronicity with a thriving way of living. As you commit to the interior work it becomes very clear with the wisdom that awakens you to realize what works for you and you begin investing in those practices to rise and embody a most fulfilled life with joy, love, freedom and optimal living.

The Joyful Approach

When we consciously work toward bringing our minds, bodies, and emotions into alignment, we can live our most joyful lives. Along the way, we learn that all the answers are already inside of each of us, and that when we stay open to new possibilities, when we allow through the universe, Magic happens.

Using Joyful Approach tools for transformation and having an understanding of the Laws of the Universe you begin the process of coming into alignment.

Alignment is the key component of the laws of attraction and it basically means you are an energetic match for whatever it is you most desire.

The laws of attraction teach us that it’s most important to come into alignment before we manifest our desires. Once you are in alignment, you will feel the energy of the universe supporting you and things come to you with ease and flow.

I have spent the past two decades in devotion to serve others after my own transformative awakening. I have acquired a plethora of extensive trainings and certifications over the years, yet the magic of my offerings are mostly drawn from the space of unconditional love where my highest self meets the client’s in their purest form of brilliance.

My offerings of healing incorporate modalities with

Energy Healing, Meditation modalities

Transformative coaching through Neuro-Scientific techniques

Spiritual Guidance


Crystal Wisdom

Light Therapy

Sound Healing

Mystical Alchemy, & Shamanic Healing

Sessions result in profound healing, sustainable breakthroughs and transformative results for optimal living.

To experience your sustainable results, you have continuity with a daily practice to nourish your aligned life and you begin to reap the rewards experiencing abundance in multiple areas of your life.

How can I access this work?

1:1 Alchemy Session with Joy

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1:1 Mentoring with Joy

Work with Joy in a private 3 month coaching container

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About Joy

A bit on who I am. I’m a NYC based Spiritual teacher and Energy healer.

I utilize a variety of supportive esoteric modalities and neuroscience. Through extensive trainings and experiences over the past two decades, I’ve cultivated an arsenal of modalities I draw from while facilitating a session or Sangha healings. Some of which are from mystical alchemy, meditation techniques, subconscious reprograming tools, crystal healing, reiki, sound healing, somatic embodiment, intuitive guidance, light therapy and Mother Nature herself.

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